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How Voice Search will Influence the Future of Marketing

Marketing Deep Dive Published on 23 Aug 2021

The marketing trends keep on changing with the change in users’ requirements, choices, and much more. This industry is ever-changing and now its big revolution is voice search. Voice search refers to the recognition of voice technology to enable search results, clarify any queries, and much more.

With the latest technology, voice search has already established its market. From adult to teen everyone somehow is equipped with voice search. And with changing time the number is ever increasing. Voice assistance such as Siri, Google Assistance, Alexa takes this trend to a new level. Many people use this assistance as a means to make the call, play a role, ask a query, and much more.

This suggests that how voice search is becoming a daily part of our lives. And similarly, it will become an important part of the marketing industry. SEO, digital marketing has to undergo major changes to be at the top in this changing culture. As soon as the voice search technology will occupy everyone’s attention so marketing industry has to be well prepared for this change. 

voice search usage

The former Chief Scientist at Baidu, Andrew Ng states that 50% of all web searches will be triggered by voice searches by 2020 and this trend is on the increase.

There are numerous ways in which voice search helps our website, service to grow. It has become important in the digital marketing landscape. With a growing audience who are using voice search, the digital marketing trends are migrating towards a new change.

Here we are sharing few key points on how voice search will influence the future of marketing and which are as follows: -

The audience can go for long-tail keywords

In the text search, we are limited to the use of words, keywords, and others. But in voice search, it's easy to convey or ask long-tail queries, keywords. And also, it’s easier for marketers to respond to this. The search is more optimized and results are more relevant. According to Google, their Voice Searches are 95% accurate.


Voice search is user-friendly as people aren’t limited by how they’re equipped with phones or technology. Neither do they have to worry about language because voice search assistance is available in their conversational language. And similarly, a further voice search will be done – the language issue is sorted. It is convenient for any age and it shows better results. 

According to PwC, 65% of 25-49-year-olds speak to their voice-enabled devices at least once per day. It also allows people with sight disabilities to effectively use resources flooded on the internet for their good. It welcomes people to the same platform by eradicating this gap.

Voice search trend

Reliable for every industry

It’s not the voice search is only impacting SEO, Rather every industry is pursuing its positive impact. Be it automotive, healthcare, hospitality, E-commerce, and others, everyone is shifting towards this change. These industries are also using this technology to improve their productivity, customer experience, better communication and thus becoming user friendly. The scope of voice search is ever increasing because of this. 

Emphasize semantic search

Unlike searches that look for exact matches of keywords, this new voice technology tries to recognize words and allows search results to be more relevant based on content and intend. It allows the audience to have better search results and better access to resources.

More optimized websites

The websites need to change their marketing strategies with this major change. They need to make their content more relevant. The websites and marketers can fully use this technology with chatbots or assistants on their websites. This technology will communicate on their behalf making it user-friendly and the latest with technology. Any business, product that is adapting to these changes can see its impact and growth on their business.

With all these changes The SEO has to work on their strategies considering the relevance of voice search. They should target long-tail keywords, work on voice technology, and others to be with the changing flow of the market. With time the voice search technology will be at boom enabling a new culture in marketing.

In the meantime, every industry must change its ways, invest in the right technology and make them favourable to this change. Whether you’re ready or not this change will soon be a normal thing. So better be prepared and maintain your market position.

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