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Smart Strategies to Understand Your Audience

Mimi's Empathy Published on 15 Oct 2020

Mimi Nicklin, an empathetic influencer shares her thoughts on curiosity and understanding and how most of the brands fail to show empathy towards their customers. 

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Curiosity drives understanding!!

One of the simplest ways to understand someone is to ask them a question. The key, of course, is to actually hear the answer.

This may sound obvious, but the reality is that the marketing world has increasingly become weak at truly listening to those we are talking to. Whether it’s the tighter timelines, smaller teams or lower budgets, the lack of truly listening has become a monumental risk to our businesses and our creativity.

connecting dots

The work becomes isolating and disconnecting, and the medium stops encouraging people to lean in and listen. Instinctively we all know that if we allow our teams to become too self-involved, and remove the human connection from the work, it stops working, yet somehow, we have allowed the corporate world to intervene with this
long-held wisdom.

More often than not, we are talking to ourselves.

Whether we are innovating a product, creating a new pricing strategy, or launching a new marketing campaign, it is an insight into our audience that assures us that the work will work.

This ability to hear our target market, our empathy for our fans, is the secret path to all deeply resonant and powerful connectivity, and it is a skill that the best content creators around the world deliver in every project.

At its core, the best of creativity and innovation is born from human understanding.

Empathy communication

Fundamentally, empathetic communication is the communication that connects a brand or business with its audience. It unifies them.

To move people from awareness to action, we have to share stories, resonant tales, and facts that connect in the way our consumers are looking for.

It is the empathy in this storytelling that makes it meaningful enough to move people from passive to participatory and takes our bottom line from flat to growing up fast.

Brands today are all too often seen as an individual, standalone entities, but in truth, they are a collation of authentic human stories. It is time we realized we need to sell them that way.

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