Tips to shine on Instagram

7 Tips to Shine on Instagram

Hustle Marketing Published on 09 Aug 2021

Since its launch, Instagram has extended from holding a fun play socializing app to a more of a visual marketing platform. With around 500million users worldwide Instagram is now one of the most effective methods of publicizing be it your business, awareness, or your skills.

To exploit such free marketing platform, you should know just the right way to increase your reach and effectively use your profile.

Here are seven tips you can adhere to for increasing your Instagram followers & do better engagement :- 

Use Instagram Reels

Reels have maximum engagement and can target a wider audience. The power of reels can be beneficial for the Instagram influencer, business, or for a normal Instagram feature. Try your creativity, your talent and bring unique content in reels and start to shine on Instagram.

Be Consistent and Interactive

In 2017 by study the Visual marketing tool Tailwind says that consistency in posting on Instagram shows positive effect on your followers, like and interaction with the post.

A possible reason for this may be Instagram’s algorithmic timelines which may place your posts near the top of your follower’s feed if you are posting consistently and getting a good engagement. Also, every format be it reels, IGTV, posts to get proper engagement. You can for live, question-answering sessions, and much more. It will your audience to get to know and interact with you.

Instagram shop feature

Instagram Shopping Feature

Instagram shopping feature is a recent feature and a boon for business. It allows users to buy your product, videos directly from Instagram. The wide audience can see your product, know about your product. Plus, you can also go live shopping where you can explore the product with your audience. The website can link it to Instagram and people can explore more. This shopping feature allows small businesses to have smooth conduct and better shopping.

Go for more Diverse Content

Seeing the same flow each day is somehow boring for the audience. So, you must try to go for diverse content through posts, stories, IGTV. Share some humorous content, product-based content, and much more. It will engage your audience more effectively. Your audience will acknowledge all of your different content, you will also understand the type of content which gets maximum engagement. Further, this will allow you to know more about your audience and plan your strategy accordingly.

Right Hashtags 

Hashtag allows you to reach your audience and have great access. Let's just say you uploaded a picture of a cat, now writing #cats will make that photo easy to find for people searching for that specific domain and that’s how they will know about your page or profile. The hashtags are a right way to get engagement and reach your audience.

Intagram tips


If you are a business account or into branding collaborating is a sure shot to increase followers. This will be a non-zero-sum game collaborating and mentioning each other in your posts and stories will allow both profiles to incorporate a fresh audience and hence increasing the number of followers.

Instagram has added a new feature for collaboration – you can tag collaborators, marketers from the same niche and ask them to collaborate. It will send a notification to marketers and if they accept then Instagram will bring this collab live. Use this feature and get to engage with your niche influencers and marketers.

Optimize your profile

This is an amazing feature for reaching a greater audience. Optimizing your profile can help people to see you. Since keyword is limited so Instagram shows profiles related to that. You can use your bio name – Fitness expert, Brand photographer, etc. And below you can use words that connect to your niche, industry, brands. It will be easy for the audience to reach you and connect with you.

Hope you find these helpful and start growing your Instagram community today. And plan your right strategy, work contentedly and explore your journey

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