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Tips to Get Out of Your Comfort Zone by Naheed Khan

Naheed Inspires Published on 18 Aug 2020
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Let’s try something new today- Beyond limits

What is the context that you look for when you have to try something new?

  • Human nature is to consciously look for things that are familiar to us. 
  • Things we can relate to. 
  • Things we can identify with.

In technical terms, we label this as “comfort zone”. We all have one. Based on our experiences, traditions, culture etc. This is the place where you don’t have to make an extra effort to do anything. It just flows for you.

With the passing of years and the formation of habits, we get so accustomed to this comfort zone that if there’s anything which is beyond this zone, we go into a “panic” mode. 

It’s ironic how many times have I been told “it’s not so easy”, when I ask anyone to do anything new or as we say “which is outside of their comfort zone”. 


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Of course it’s not easy, that’s because we have never done it before. Remember It’s “new”.

So, what is the sensible thing to do? 

  • Avoid it because it’s not easy? 
  • Or find out exactly how difficult is it?

Let’s do a small exercise. Take a pen and paper. Now make two columns and write down “New” and “Old”.

Write down what happens if you stay with the old and what happens when you go to the new? just jot down the points that you can think of.

Our brain always gives us two options. 

  • Flight
  • Fight

If you have been choosing “flight” till now then let’s try the other option for once. Let’s “fight”. 

Let’s just do that one “new” thing at least “once”. Because, we will never know “how” difficult it is till we have tried it. 

Challenge your own limits. You are the one who has set them… Just put your hand on that wall and push it a little away. 

Let’s start and try this “One step at a time”.


Stay Inspired!!

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