TikTok for B2B

Tips & Tricks on using TikTok for B2B Marketing

Growth Hacks Published on 13 Dec 2021

TikTok is a creative, entertaining short-form video app that has taken the internet by storm due to its unique 15 second video creation service on any topic. Almost every individual has used the app for some or other entertainment  purpose. 

The creative platform has reached 2 billion downloads globally by the end of 2020 beating social media giants like FB & Instagram. The figure itself explains the potential TikTok can bring to their audience. 

But do you know that this ByteDance owned app is effective for B2B marketing as well?

Nobody can deny its benefits when it comes to business-to-customer marketing, but with some helpful tips and tricks one can potentially use TikTok for B2B as well. 

To help you in this journey we’re sharing some tips and tricks on using TikTok for B2B Marketing and which are as follows –

Show your creative and fun side – 

TikTok is more of an entertainment platform.  People usually spend their time on TikTok for fun, enjoyment, and laughter. Therefore, a B2B business needs to show the creative & fun side to the customers. The business has to explore various new things, try them, and bring it up on TikTok.

Touch your creative, and fun side to flourish on TikTok. You can start with following trends, or experiment with something new for your business. This can be one of the excellent marketing opportunities. 

Embrace TikTok style – 

TikTok has its norms and content style which its users should form. Standing out of it will not be beneficial for you. If you’re using TikTok then embrace its style, and similarly put your content videos for better interaction.

Tiktok marketing

Takeaways – 

Takeaways are an interesting way to form a strong base client. It allows your business to flourish, & reach out to new people. Make sure that your TikTok business profile has some interesting takeaways to attract the audience towards you. 

You can make it interesting by asking a general question about your business, brand or ask them to create a fun video around your brand. You can pick out lucky winners with surprises and goodies.  This forms a strong bond between 2 businesses. 

More interaction with the audience – 

TikTok isn’t a place where you just post videos, rather interaction is the key priority. You need to come on screen and directly interact with your audience. It is the best way to engage with your audience.

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It will be more interactive and automatically the audience will prefer it more. Make interaction your key to excelling in TikTok-based marketing.

React to one who engages with you – 

This step is important to acknowledge your audience and make a healthy space for communication and interaction. Answer all your client queries and help them with the right answers. You can also make a reaction video and encourage them to interact more and more.

It will market your business and create a platform for the audience to know you more. These interactions catch the attention of other audiences and they too start engaging with you.

Teach through videos – 

There is no need to mention that videos nowadays are an excellent way of communicating, and interacting. Many people prefer YouTube, Instagram videos, and much more.

The same applies to TikTok so make sure to properly use these short videos. You can teach about your brand, your business through videos.

You can work on something inspirational, purposeful, meaningful through videos and direct interaction with your audience.

Promote your company culture – 

It can be used to catch the audience's attention towards your business. It can be beneficial for recruiting new employees. Put videos about your company’s culture, show them off in a fun, creative, and interactive way to attract others. It will generate attention for people looking forward to your business as well as other users of TikTok.

TikTok marketing tips

The Story Time – 

Stories are fascinating to keep people engaged & excited about us. Begin with something catchy and followed by narrating a story. Since, it’s a short time so you have to tell your story quickly, catchy, and interesting. Start with brainstorming ideas for story, and videos and interact with your audience more effectively.

Keep posting frequently – 

Posting regularly on any social media platform is important. The same stands for TikTok. You must post your videos frequently; your transition should be fast to keep a smooth pace going.

The interacting videos catch their attention and engage with you. And posting regularly makes your presence powerful and with time you will see its positive effect on your business.


Do you still think TikTok is not for your brand?

Then, Think again. 

TikTok has the power to bridge the emotional gap left by traditional B2B brands by showing off the brand story & expertise. It helps in finding the creative side of the business & helps in standing out from their competitors. 

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