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7 Things your SEO Agency is not Telling You

Marketing Deep Dive Published on 13 Jul 2021

Have you ever calculated the return of investment on your Search Engine optimization? A lot of companies don’t understand SEO is a complex world and it doesn’t happen overnight. Hiring the best SEO agency can be a tiring process as most companies have limited knowledge of SEO.

Often SEO agencies used technical jargon that you don't pay heed to. There are lots of things your SEO agency can easily hide and manipulate. So, evaluate your agency carefully before putting your money in.

Let’s check out 7 things you won’t hear from your SEO agency -

You can learn SEO on your own

That's true. You can learn SEO at your own pace. That's the best thing about SEO you can learn it and implement it in your business at the same hour. From basics to technical you can get it done from numerous online resources. So, if you are keen on knowing how SEO works then get started.

Well, it doesn't suggest those SEO agencies aren't worth it. Agencies have professionals who have gained expertise in the field. With agencies, you can focus on core competence and have a regular evaluation of the SEO on different metrics.

We aren’t experts

A lot of agencies will claim they are competent and know everything. But, that’s a lie. Google algorithm changes every day and it is difficult to even for SEO experts to acquaint these changes from time to time.

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So, any agency that claims to be the best in the business is fooling you. For better sake, try and research out agencies their prior works and results before investing your money in.

Keyword ranking

It’s impossible to guarantee rankings

Nobody can guarantee you the rankings. Google itself said- “Beware of SEOs that claim to guarantee rankings, allege a "special relationship" with Google or advertise a 'priority submit' to Google." With the ever-changing Google algorithm, no agency can claim a number 1 rank on Google.

The ranking is inherently unstable as ranking is not only dependable on keywords or market research. There are lots of variables that may affect the ranking. So, stay away from the agencies that guarantee you the same.

SEO is an ongoing process

SEO is not a one- time event it's an ongoing process. Google has evolved over the years. Every two months Google comes up with its new update. That is why it is vital to have a continuous SEO campaign. As an agency, you need to evaluate your strategies regularly if you wish to see effective results. Keep your websites as search-engine-friendly as possible.

So, you just can't make a one-time effort and sit down and wait for results. You have to make regular and continuous efforts if you wish to level up your SEO game.

Good content isn’t enough

Yes, it's true good content isn't enough. Along with good content, you need to pull your socks together to get them seen, engage the audience and bring the customers on board.

Yes, content is king but content alone can't help you level up your game. You need to work on increasing traffic, social shares of the links and article. With good content comes great responsibility to make it seen and deliver it to the right audience.

Search engine optimisation

Lots of Search Traffic brings lots of Spam

A lot of search traffic is good for your business but it also brings a lot of spam traffic. Traffic is not enough you need to bring the target audience to your website. So, what's important is to cater to your target audience. So, you can set up forms to prohibit robot- submissions to reduce spams and unqualified leads. All you need to cater your services to someone who is the right prospect and a qualified lead.

SEO is Insufficient

Rank is not enough. The quality of the traffic matters a lot rather than ranking. There are lots of visitors on your website, but have a low conversion rate depicts that SEO is inappropriate. What matters is you have qualified leads that can be converted into potential buyers. Thus, bringing traffic is not enough analyzing and evaluating traffic is a whole concept altogether.

The Final Take -

Yes, that’s true you can learn SEO on your own but when it comes to expert and professional service SEO agency comes at rescue. It’s important for you as a business to focus on core competitive work and hire the expertise which will help your business to grow.

What’s important for you is to closely monitor your business progress, website traffic, qualified leads so that you get your return on investment within time.

Ask your agency the following questions-

  • Which part of the SEO process you are specialized in?
  • The reports of the previous businesses you have worked with?
  • Which tools do you use?
  • What according to you will be the best strategy for my business?

It’s important for you as a business to focus on SEO and cordially work with the agency to bring effective results on board. So, spend some time researching for the agency because without professional advice you will be already losing up your game.

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