16 Nov 2020 People in Focus

Saudi Business Women Who are Breaking Stereotypes

Powerful and strong Saudi women are changing the face of females in the corporate world. Meet such 2 powerful women from Saudi Arabia who are breaking stereotypes

16 Nov 2020 Digital Views

Brand Storytelling - How it Helps to Build a Brand?

Personal brand storytelling connects to emotional psychology of human beings. Read the blog to explore the importance of brand stories with the help of examples.

01 Oct 2020 An Entrepreneur Life

Life of an Entrepreneur with Matty B

The Brand Tribe interviews Matty, the founder of Matty B Models, a model and talent agency based in Bahrain. Matty lets us in his world of talent management and shares secrets of...

23 Sep 2020 Just In

Saudi Restaurant Management Platform Foodics Expands to Egypt

Riyadh based restaurant management platform "Foodics" has expanded to Egypt in an investment round.

10 Aug 2020 Trending

Too Much Power : Congress Grills the Top Tech CEOs

The Top tech CEOs of Facebook, Amazon, Apple and Google face criticism over their companies online dominance and gets grilled by Congress