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Social Validation in the Times of Social Distancing

Digital Detox Published on 10 Aug 2020

The ‘like’ button gives “a little dopamine hit” that rises to an addiction level.  Let Social Media not dictate the terms of your life. Use it with caution and stay sane with occasional ‘Digital Detox’.


We have endorsed social distancing as a way of life, in the present times. It's the new normal. To be away from friends, colleagues, neighbours, relatives and definitely strangers.

At least physically. The mode of communication has become more of a virtual reality, than ever before.

Yet our projected life in social media is still buzzing. The stories are popping fresh in our feeds. The newly acquired creativity of our friends amazes us everyday. It seems there is no dearth of talent anywhere we look in our mobile screens. Some have become mandala artists, some have become master chefs, while others are the next best musician in town. 

But do you wonder why this needs to be shared so passionately (and frequently) on social media every single day of this Covid phase? Why they pick the mobile seconds after posting to see the reactions, the likes and the comments. 



Because of the instant 'high' the responses provide. This validation through successful social interactions reinforces their confidence, and the neurotransmitters released during such interactions, can be one of the most fulfilling stimuli for humans. The ‘like’ button giving “a little dopamine hit” that rises to an addiction level. (Based on Harvard Study)

This lockdown has surely made us all more anxious and stressed with uncertainty looming around. And it's perfectly fine to find solace and distraction in the social world. It might give you company and inspire your creativity as well. But only when balanced sensibly and not overpowering your life.




We might not be aware of the well-being of our neighbours in these trying times, because of social distancing, but we are seeking out for all the social validation on social media. Such an irony and self-created bubble is this world of social media, that falling prey to it is very easy.

True self confidence is the only validation we should seek.

So tread this world carefully and be pragmatic enough to be emotionally close in real and inwardly validated, than distant in reality and validated by social media.

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