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Social by Default with Rachida Sassou

Social by Default Published on 29 Jul 2020

Name:  Rachida Sassou

1st French Influencer in Dubai

Category: Travel, Food &  Lifestyle 

 Influence Platform:


 Brands worked with: Shein,  Elipse Program Arabia


1. Hello Rachida, please share your journey before becoming an ‘influencer’?

I studied Masters in Marketing and Communication from a French business school in France and when I had to choose a destination around the world to validate my master, I chose UAE. I first came to Dubai for my studies in 2015, as a student and seeking adventures. As I was far from my family and friends, I decided to share my journey on my page RASHOOU - this is a nickname that I have since ages -  and this is how everything started.

2. What was the motivation for you to change your path or move towards this as a chosen career?

I started as a foodie. When I saw restaurants and PR agencies contacting me to review some restaurants, and the response of my followers and my community growing, I understood that I needed to continue on this path. That's how I became a food (restaurant / hotel) and fashion influencer.

And I am lucky as there is no French Influencer (until now) doing the same as me, so I have the exclusivity in my categories.

3. What do you think is really the role of an influencer and how can they play this role ethically?

The role of an influencer is to positively influence its community, to offer them contents which will entertain them or inform them. I think honesty is one of the most important things in this social media world. Unfortunately, a lot of influencers in the UAE are on the app only to make profit without caring about their community and what they are offering to them. I mean, they can promote anything for a few AED and offer very poor content. Also, the smallest influencers who are just starting are not so honest with their followers because they are scared to lose deals so they always make their experiences beautiful. 

It is nowadays very hard to find genuine influencers.

4. What was the turning point in your social media life, any particular post (s)  that escalated your brand value?

I have a lot of collaboration and they all added to my growth as an Influencer.  Honestly can't give credit to a single one. But I have few collaborations, which I am very proud of like the one for the Dubai Food Festival (in partnership with Dubai Tourism) or the collaboration I have done with Elipse Arabia which pushed me to lose 40KG. These 2 collaborations showed the real value of my profile.




5. What inspires you to consistently create new content?

For myself, I love to discover new places. I love to take my phone and talk and share with people and get so excited to receive their comments - and I always do my best to answer everybody.

6. How do you choose your brand collaborations? And what policies you have in place to ensure your brand core, likings of the followers and brands’ objectives are all in sync?

I evaluate every collaboration and then decide how to work with them. But first I need to appreciate the products/service they offer and also their reputation. After that, I decide. Sometimes the brand’s objectives are not met because I don't know what is going in my followers mind, so often I do pools to understand them and offer them content or collaboration they will like.

7. How do you see the role of influencers changing, post Covid?

Companies and brands are scared because of the situation and some have lost a lot of money, so they are not ready yet to collaborate fully with influencers. But I feel the small businesses might suffer more - but for me I like to support small businesses. I regularly invite them to DM if they need my help.

8. Where do you see yourself growing from here?

Honestly, influencer is not my full time job it is an extra. I am a marketing and social media manager for a beauty distributor and I don't see the future of influencers, as I am sure after a few years something will appear and the influencers will disappear

9. Brands and/or influencers who influence you personally and professionally.

Every influencer is unique and influences its community in their own way.. However, I know that I also influence a lot of influencers - I am always amazed to see them going the next day to the same places I have been to review them.



10. What tips you would like to give to maintain sanity check in this oversaturated and over-filtered life on social media? To keep their mental health and emotional wellbeing in place.

People need to understand that social media is virtual and people are showing only what they want. At the end of the day we are all the same, and life is not all happy. We all have problems as well but we just don't want to share them with our community. Before starting people need to know they will be criticized, mocked, bullied by some users but it is not the majority (thank god). However, it is important to know it.

And also people should not compare themself with others, they should simply do what they like and ignore all the negativity.


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