Interview with Lifestyle Influencer - Noor Odeh

Social by Default with Noor Odeh

Social by Default Published on 14 Sep 2020

The Brand Tribe team interviews Noor Odeh, an Abu Dhabi based lifestyle influencer. Noor inspires her followers with her charming personality, impeccable fashion choices, beauty tips and shares insights of her life as a young mother of a baby girl. 

Name: Noor Odeh 

Category: Fashion, Beauty, Mommy Blogging 

Influence Platform:  Instagram (328K followers)

Brands worked with:  Swarovski, Max Factor, Pantene, Olay, Johnson’s and Johnson’s, Pampers, Al Shaya Group, Huawei, Himalaya, Jergens, Riva, Boohoo, Esposa Couture 


Social by Default with Noor Odeh

Image Credit - esposacouture

1. Hello Noor, please share what attracted you towards blogging or ‘influencing’ through social media’? 

Noor: Around 6 years ago, I started sharing my “ outfits of the day “ while my Instagram page was still private. Through numerous reposts of my outfits on other fashion pages and some support from friends and family I decided to go public with my page and the result was amazing. Brands started contacting me and it took off from there and what helped me was that back then there were only a few Abu Dhabi fashion bloggers. 

2. You are one of the most prominent instagram stars in the UAE. Do you think belonging to a relatively smaller country makes it a more close knit community. Or social media is beyond these regional influences?

Noor: Definitely yes. As I mentioned above, being one of the few Abu Dhabi fashion bloggers at that time helped me grow as a social media influencer. Abu Dhabi is most certainly considered a close knit community and I’m more than close to the follower base I’ve had for years. 

3. In light of what is happening with tiktok, do you see blogging  as a viable career option? Do you see your future in it or its only a side hustle, which will fade away in due course?

Noor: One thing I know is that nothing lasts forever. It came out that this year, Instagram usage dropped majorly and that it was because of the growth of TikTok. Blogging is a viable career option for now but with the recent pandemic, there is a decrease in use of marketing and in turn a decrease in the amount of campaigns that they will collaborate with Influencers. So this in turn supports my statement -  nothing lasts forever and there should always be a plan B or a “where do I take it from here?” stage in the back of your mind.  

Interview with Lifestyle Blogger - Noor Odeh

4. Your fashion choices inspire your followers. But many teens and youngsters are not mature enough to not get swayed by what they see on their feed. How do you try to keep a reality check amidst this picture-perfect, materialistic lure, for your fans?

Noor: Social media is not real life and I try my best to say that whenever I have the chance to my followers. Usually it happens when I show them on my insta stories some snippets of being a mother of an almost 7 month old which is definitely not considered Instagram worthy. I even posted a before and after picture on my feed with my daughter a couple months ago during quarantine because I was tired of photoshopped picture perfect pictures I was seeing from mother’s out there 

5. Which have been your most memorable brand associations or campaigns? How do you go about selecting your brand associations.

Noor: With my wedding dress I collaborated with the brand Esposa and it was the most beautiful outcome. I loved every single detail! It took months to make and the outcome was amazing! 

Other than that, I’ve collaborated with Swarovski, Max Factor, Olay, Pantene. Johnson’s and Johnson’s and many more. I make sure that we have the same beliefs and the same end goal before I proceed with any brand. 

6. What inspires you to consistently create new content? Brands and/or influencers who influence you personally and professionally.

Noor: My followers! They always are looking for new content; be it the latest trend or new ways to style things. I always make sure to not just follow any trend, it has to be something that resonates with my style. 

Joelle Mardinian and Huda Kattan are my inspiration ! They both went after what they wanted after years and a lot of effort and are a huge inspiration to me. I one day want to open my own business and I look up to them so much. 


7. Has motherhood changed your social role in any way?  What advice would you give to aspirational mommy bloggers?

Noor: No it hasn’t! I’m still the same blogger with the same style and if hasn’t changed in the social aspect either. 

To just be authentic and share their real everyday life as mommies because that’s what their audience wants to see, that’s what I want to see! And to collaborate only with brands they trust and use personally as well because it would be wrong for them to share something they are not 100 percent sure they are using just for money. 

8.  What is your peronal style statement, to create your uniqueness?

Noor: My followers know my style now. I love midi dresses, headbands.. anything feminine and elegant. I do go casual sometimes and have a sporty look every now and then. I love mixing and matching colours in my outfits especially with pastel shades. If there is a trend out there, I make sure to make it “me” with my own style twist. 

9. Do you manage your instagram yourself? Any tips you would like to share for maintaining an aesthetic feed and growing one’s follower base?

Noor: Yes, I manage my own feed. I don’t believe in an aesthetic feed, yes sure it is the first thing people look at when they see your feed but in the long run it’s not what matters. It’s the actual content that you share with your audience. I do believe that it should somewhat be consistent but it doesn’t need to be aesthetic. 

It’s important to share high quality pictures and to most importantly be unique. Find something different that you from others and stick with it. 

10. Lastly how do you see the role of  influencers changing, post Covid? 

Noor: With time, they have become more and more influential even post covid. I’m talking about my experience, when I see other influencers that influence me.

So it’s a big responsibility to call yourself an influencer because although we can just say oh I’m just a fashion blogger, I don’t influence people. I don’t believe that’s true. Yes you do, you influence them with your purchases and with your style. You may influence a 15 year old to dress in jeans and a simple outfit or you can influence her to dress provocatively through your posts and style. It is important to remember that the young are following us too and that even with the way we talk on Insta Stories or our videos, the food we eat, the drinks we order at Starbucks, the way I decorate my living room, the things I buy for my daughter, the list goes on....they are influenced. 


Thank you Noor, for sharing your thoughts and preview of a blogger's life. 

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