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Shifting Your Brand's Content Strategy During COVID-19

Marketing Deep Dive Published on 25 Aug 2020

Content Marketing and Crisis - A Perfect Combination?

Every marketer is under a dilemma - how to talk about COVID-19 from a business point of view? Should the business be sharing content related to the scenario? How will the customers react to the change? How much would you need to invest in this topic, and should it be a part of your content strategy?

These are important questions for a business and the answer lies in how the business uses content marketing to its benefit.

While content marketing is essential for many segments of business, the relevance of a content is tied with the goal behind it. So before investing in a shift in content strategy, let’s find the answers to the following questions:

What is your content marketing goal?

For most businesses, content marketing helps bridge the gap between the brand and the customers - often educating about the services or offerings. This is an effort to build trust among the two parties, creating a long-term relationship and potentially loyal customers.

To understand how this affects your brand, you can list out the goals you want to achieve first. Some of them can be:

  • Addressing and helping customers in these troubling times.
  • Building long-term relationships for future benefits.
  • Being an authority in your industry while educating customers.
  • Engaging customers with non-business offerings.

Based on the nature of the business, the content strategy can be one or even more than one of the above.

How much should you deviate from your existing content plan?

Imagine the scenario - you had a content bucket plan for 6 months. The pandemic has made most of the content you have created to be redundant. This is a common problem faced by most brands in today’s time, and the dilemma of estimating or eliminating strategies come into play here.

The idea here is to lay down the existing content plan, adapt to the current scenario, and then eliminate the content that does not align with the current business goals. 


Time-sensitive strategy? Or, evergreen strategy?

A time-sensitive strategy may help your business in the pandemic, but it will direct a lot of investments (time, money, and resources). One way to overcome this dilemma is content repurposing. If your brand can create video content, for example, it can be repurposed into a blog and social media posts. This helps reduce the investment required, while your brand can test out what would work in terms of the long term goals.

Content Marketing Trends from COVID-19

Innovating is a necessity right now. There is no denying that. Here are a few content trends that have emerged out of this situation:

Virtual meetings and events

With 2/3rds of the world going into a strict lockdown mode, virtual meetings and events have been the biggest gainers in this new world.

From shifting meetings to virtual platforms to hosting full-fledged events - things have changed a lot.

In a recent study by Statista, a considerable number of events have moved online. Brands have been experimenting with technology in this arena, with a heavy usage of the WebVR platform Mozilla Hubs seen in hosting VR meetings and even music concerts.


“Live” the moment


Everyone is going live these days, and rightly so. With the popularity of short-form vertical videos on the rise, going live with native social media tools (Instagram Live, Facebook LIve, Periscope) or through a professional setup (OBS to stream on YouTube or Twitch), has proven to be beneficial to create a communication bridge with the customers. If your business is B2C, live videos can help boost your sales.

Collabs, anyone?

Have you considered reaching out to fellow brands in the same industry to collaborate? Every brand is unsure about content marketing in these scenarios, and it’s always good to share ideas.

In times like this, focussing on micro-influencers and building a content distribution clan can benefit your brand and save some investments as well.

Final Thoughts

COVID-19 is here to stay and its impact will be felt for years to come. With that unfortunate reality in mind, the job of us, as marketers, is to make sure that the brand goals are met.

Content that provides value will never go out of style. Here are some points to help you out:

  • Understand your marketing goals and how content fits into each of them.
  • Identify trends and how your content can adapt to it.
  • Your brand's choices matter. Use content to position yourself as an empathetic, helpful, and supportive brand.

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