September marketing buzz

10 Marketing Buzz happened in September

Trending Published on 03 Oct 2021

In case you have missed the latest marketing buzz for the month. We have covered it all for you.

Let’s have a quick look at what happened in the month of September.

Google news app will display non-AMP content 

Google news update

Google News will be displaying both AMP and non-AMP web content. The platform will also no longer render article text from RSS feeds in the Google News app; instead, it will send readers directly to publishers’ webpages. The AMP framework was previously a requirement to be included in Google News. Now that Google has gotten rid of the requirement, the platform may be a more viable way to attract readers for publishers that didn’t adopt AMP.


Twitter Adds New Updates to its Improved Version of TweetDeck

Twitter latest update

After launching a test of its new and improved version of Tweetdeck back in July, Twitter has now announced a new round of updates for the platform, which is still in invite-only mode, but looks set to become more widely available soon.

First off, Twitter’s re-added the DM column, providing another way to stay on top of your various tweet engagements. 

Twitter’s also looking to improve its real-time monitoring capacity – now, all columns will automatically refresh, helping to keep track of the latest news.


Google Ads will combine Smart and standard Display campaigns

Google Ads Update

Google Ads will combine standard Display campaigns and Smart Display campaigns into a single option. In addition, it will also be introducing optimized targeting to Display campaigns. During the campaign setup process, advertisers can choose what to automate or control manually, and they can change their automation choices at any time without having to create a new campaign.


Snapchat Announces New Partnership with WPP

Snapchat latest update

Snapchat has announced a new partnership with advertising giant WPP which will see the two work together on new projects that will facilitate the creation of AR ads for WPP clients, helping to advance digital ad options for many more businesses around the world, while also boosting Snapchat’s revenue potential.

The main focus of the collaboration will be the development of a new ‘AR Lab’, which will facilitate the creation of AR ad campaigns, giving WPP clients exclusive access to Snapchat’s advanced AR features.


Bing content submission API now available to all

Bing News

The Content Submission API is a method that enables websites to directly send content to Microsoft Bing whenever website contents is updated or created without waiting for BingBot crawl. 

This is different from the URL submission API. With the URL submission API you only can send URLs for Bing to crawl and index. With the Content Submission API you not only send the URL but you send along the your HTML, content, images and so on directly to Bing to index, technically bypassing the crawling process completely.


Google explains why it made the title change to the search results

Google title update

Google said it went from using your HTML title tag 80% of the time to 87% of the time in the past couple of weeks. Some pages have empty titles & some of them use the same titles on every page. Some pages have no title elements at all,” said Google.

The company then listed off other reasons why it won’t use your HTML title tag:

  • Half-empty titles (” | Site Name”)
  • Obsolete titles (“2020 admissions criteria – University of Awesome”)
  • Inaccurate titles (“Giant stuffed animals, teddy bears, polar bears – Site Name”)
  • Micro-boilerplate titles (“My so-called amazing TV show,” where the same title is used for multiple pages about different seasons)


Facebook Launches Reels on Facebook to US Users

Facebook reels update

Facebook has today launched Reels on Facebook for all users in the US, bringing its short-form video competitor to many more people. Facebook seems more excited about the addition than anybody else.

The Social Network has been testing Reels in its main app since March, starting in India, where TikTok is banned, giving Facebook more opportunity to capitalize on the popularity of the format. And now, it’s bringing the option to its 250 Million+ US audience.


Google Search Console products enhancements report gains more granular errors

Google search console

Google’s products enhancement report within Google Search Console reporting now has some improvements. The errors are now more granular and give you more actionable errors and notices on what to work on to improve your errors with the product structured data on your pages.

Google has made improvements to the reports over the years, including this update. If you have product structured data on your site and a verified Search Console property for that site, you can access the report on search console. 


YouTube Expands its $100 Million Shorts Fund to 30 More Countries

After first announcing its 'Shorts Fund' back in May, which will see the platform pay out $100 million to top Shorts creators over time, in order to provide additional support, and motivation, for their efforts, YouTube has now announced an expansion of the funding program to Shorts creators in even more regions.

According to Chief Product Officer Neal Mohan, the Shorts Fund is now available in over 30 new regions. Here are the following: - 

YouTube Shorts Fund regions

Clubhouse Adds Universal Search, Room Replays and Clipping Functionality to Help Boost Sharing

clubhouse recent news

Clubhouse has announced a set of new features as it looks to improve in-app functionality and engagement, while also providing more ways for creators to maximize the value of their broadcasts.

The biggest addition is its new search functionality, which will enable users to find more relevant content in the app.  Clubhouse users will now be able to find relevant Rooms, Clubs and upcoming events based on keyword search.


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