Saudi business women

Saudi Business Women Who are Breaking Stereotypes

People in Focus Published on 16 Nov 2020

What comes to your mind when we talk about Saudi women? The general perception is that they are pampered, affluent, and live a life full of comfort and riches. However, there is more than what meets the eye when it comes to these women! 

Today, we bring to you 2 stories of Saudi women, who are not only breaking the general stereotypes but are redefining the norms! 

Bdoor Abdulla – 

Bdoor is a female entrepreneur, who was diagnosed with a nerve disorder which resulted in uncontrollable shaking of her hands, was told very early in life that she would never amount to anything substantial.

Due to this disorder, she was unable to do the basic, mundane tasks of daily life like writing or cooking, and everyone just expected her to slowly wither away. 

Bdoor Abdulla

Source - Albawala

Bdoor, however, had other plans. Since early on in her childhood, she was fascinated by subjects like Business Studies and Marketing, and was an avid reader, with a keen interest in art and craft.

She decided to then pursue her passion for handicrafts and convert into a business venture. 

Starting with participating in local bazaars and fairs, she started to develop a loyal following for herself.

Slowly, she built a whole community of people who shared the love of handicrafts and also started doing workshops and seminars. 

Now, Bdoor is a fully-fledged handicraft entrepreneur, and does a lot of social media campaigns, YouTube videos and public speaking, inspiring millions of people with her journey.

Iman Ben Chaibah – 

Iman, who is the CEO and editor chief of Sail Magazine, started her corporate journey with Emaar. Having completed her Bachelors in Science, and being an Emirati, she was always expected to go for a Government job and lead a comfortable life.

She, however, had a different plan for herself. 

Breaking the stereotype of Emiratis wanting Government jobs, she entered the private sector with Emaar, shattering all preconceived notions.

Iman Ben Chaibah

However, people expected her to leave for a well-settled Government job, Iman went ahead in the private sector to open her very own publishing house! 

Today, Sail has completed its fifth year, and Iman herself has been awarded the Arab Woman Award for Literature for her outstanding work in this field and continues to revolutionize the industry even today. 

So, if you thought Saudi women were only about fashion, luxury, and being in comfort it is time you clean your looking glass because these women are taking over and creating their own mark in the world!

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