Brand Storytelling

Brand Storytelling - How it Helps to Build a Brand?

Digital Views Published on 16 Nov 2020

Psychology plays an important role in Branding.

You see a yellow squared packet with an oval-shaped red logo and you go like, “Maggi”.

One element of psychology is emotion. It has been noted that ads or campaigns run by various brands that get the most traction have an emotional appeal to them.

The reason why campaigns with emotional appeal get higher traction is that it connects human beings from different walks of life. Irrespective of your caste, creed, religion, beliefs, or language, emotional appeal crosses all such barriers.

Emotions make brands more human and help to build a story for them.

brand story examples

Open the Instagram page of Nike and see if they post about Air Jordans or Waffle shoes or do they post inspiring videos of athletes.

Nike’s core marketing belief is to present people and not products. And that’s how they tell their story. Even in the offline world, Nike supports sports personalities who take a political or socio-economic stand, even if it affects their sales.

That’s how they have used storytelling to build their brand.

how to create a brand

Colin Kaepernick, an American football quarterback, kneeled during the US national anthem in 2016 to take a stand against racial injustice happening towards African-Americans. Image Source: Quartz

That is one of the ways brands tell stories and promote their products indirectly.

Another brand that has built its brand beautifully across the world through storytelling is Coca-Cola. Have you ever wondered what is the difference between Pepsi & Coca-Cola? It’s the target audience.

Don’t agree with me? Read below then!

Pepsi has positioned itself as a brand for youngsters and youth whereas Coca-Cola is a brand for families and loved ones. Remember Share Happiness and names of people written on the bottle of coke?

Brand Storytelling Examples

Share a coke campaign ad displayed on a bus. Image Source: Digital Vidya

Search for Coca-Cola ads on YouTube and you will find one thing common among all ads: It’s always around families and loved ones.

In the UAE, Coca-Cola has run some amazing campaigns around the same theme of sharing happiness.

  1. Hello Happiness Phone Booth: The UAE has many South Asian ex-pats working as blue-collar workers who cannot afford to call back home on. Using the coke bottle caps, these workers were then able to make calls for 2-3 minutes for free.
  2. Wish Upon a Coke: Expats going back home during winter break for festivities usually carry a lot of luggage. Due to weight limitations on luggage, passengers can’t carry more than 30 kgs on average. Coca-Cola, along with a coke bottle, gave a bag tag which allowed them to carry extra 5 kgs from Dubai International Airport Terminal 1.

People do not buy products. They buy stories. Brands who are not telling stories but busy strategizing around how to push more product, may not succeed in the long run.

Human beings are driven by emotions, Excitement, Joy, Surprise, Happiness, Sadness, whatever it may be, people like to hear them, see them, feel them.

If your brand is telling a story, you will not gain a customer but rather, you will gain a lifelong partner. Just how you trust your loved ones, your ‘partner’ will trust your products.


This article is contributed by Idris Shabbir: Idris is a nature lover, cycling enthusiast, and a passionate writer (on almost any topic). When he is not doing any of this, he will be probably watching a TV show or movie.

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