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Pinterest Marketing - Secret Guide to Make it Work for You

Hustle Marketing Published on 12 Dec 2020

Pinterest opens you to a world of possibilities. A world of inspiration and to the magic of ideas. Explore how you can translate that magic to your business.

Social media choices are also like your morning tea preference. Very uniquely yours. 

While some people cannot open their eyes without their bed tea, while others need a strong black coffee, to kickstart the day. And others might choose from lemon honey water, ginger tea or bullet coffee. To each one his own. 

Similarly for social media, some might be addicted to their twitter conversations, while others need to scroll instagram faster than it can even refresh. 

So while you might be biased towards one social media for your personal or business preferences, it’s paramount to be open to the benefits of all the other platforms too. Chances are you might be closing the doors to some opportunities by not exploring a platform optimally.

And one such platform, which you need to explore and integrate in your social media plans (if it works for your objectives) is Pinterest.

Over the past 12 months, Pinterest gained 70 million monthly active Pinners. There are now 335 million people who use Pinterest every month. Source


What is Pinterest?

Simply put, Pinterest is like a visual mood board, with lots of posts, called pins. And you can choose the ones you like to create your own dream gallery for the future.

It is a great, rather one of the best planning tools out there - from home decor, events, weddings, photoshoots, menu planning - the benefits range-wide. And the biggest benefit is that you can search what you like - through search terms, hashtags, or through images, to find what you like.

Yes, Pinterest is a visual search engine. So use it effectively as a sales funnel, for driving traffic to your website and marketing your business. 

How to use Pinterest

Get Started

  • Create an impressive profile 

Add your profession to the name to make it clear what you do to your audience. Be sure that your name is the same as what is used consistently across other platforms.

Have an attractive image or logo in the profile image. And add your website or etsy shop.

  • Add a pin button to your browser-

Add a pinterest extension to your browser, to easily save the pins, from any website you like to your board/gallery.  

  • Create a Business account -
    To get all the benefits of Pinterest, create a business account than personal to have access to the analytics and ad services. 

Simply opt for that option while creating your account and Pinterest will take you through the verification process -

  • Start building followers -
    Get started on adding content to your boards and following other active and inspiring accounts for inspiration. 

“Anatomy of a perfect Pin - Tall & narrow with a strong and rich post description.”

  • Select the best images to showcase your brand - 

Pinterest is a visual medium, and to capture the attention of the audience you need to have an engaging visual. At the same time, ensure that your selection of images are cohesive to your brand tonality and visual language, for consistency.

  • Create that perfect Pin -

Tall & narrow is a great eye catching pin and also great usage of Pinterest ‘real estate’.. But there are many sizes to choose from. You can create your own pin very easily on Photoshop, canva or Picmonkey.

  • Optimize your pins- 

While the image leads the viewers, it's the post description that tells them more about the product/image. So ensure that the post description is well thought of.

It should have an element of interest, but should also be keyword rich, with clear descriptions to be ‘search optimized’.  And don’t forget to add a web link, to lead them to the desired landing page. 

  • Sign up for Rich Pins - 

Rich Pins are information-rich pins that are synced to your website with real-time updates like real-time pricing, stock availability, and your logo. They make it easier for users to find you, recognize your brand, and be more compelled to clicks.

  • Find the perfect format to Pin- 

Just like Instagram, there are varied types of formats in which you can upload your content. Though some might not be available in all countries like video content is still not available in the region.

Pinterest Marketing Strategy

Plan the navigation

  • Arrange your pins in a structured manner - 

Pinterest is a beautiful place to get lost. And you don’t want your audience to get lost while finding you. So ensure that you have a clear structure of your content.

Choose the top categories that your account will have. Keep it simple and few. For example for an Interior Decorator - can have boards with decor styles - classic, modern, quirky, etc.

Or he/she can choose to have it room-wise, or property style-wise - like a commercial, residential, hospitality, etc. This choice is the same as the choice you make on your website - how you want your work to be displayed. 

Of course, in addition to your own work, you can have some additional boards for your inspiration or giving a choice to your audience to choose from.

For example, the interior designer can have a board with all the other styles that inspire her and she would like to do, from which her client can also choose. 

  • Clearly describe your categories - 

Ensure the categories are clearly labeled and have an attractive key image. Use this real estate judiciously with an intelligent choice of keyword-rich description

If done right, it can even pop up in the google search in the visual search. 

Make the most of it (Additional Tips):

  • Predictive nature of Pinterest- 

Pinterest is a great medium to see what people are actually looking for. It gives great insights into future trends since most of the time people are pinning with an inherent objective, project, or inspiration. Stay tuned to these insights for your business category. 

Sign up for Pinterest newsletters to read their analysis and insights of consumer studies, to get a more in-depth understanding. After all, they claim, that Pinterest trends were 80% spot-on, even in the most unpredictable year -2020. 

  • How many times is too much?
Pinterest Pins

These numbers might be overwhelming, when starting out; but it gives an idea of how active one needs to be on this platform, to make the most of it. But worry not, you can plan this well in advance, and schedule your pins.

Fun Fact - Dubai Becomes The Third Most Pinterested City In The World, London Tops The List (Dubai Has 1911 Boards On Pinterest Just 81 Less Than London).

Through your business account of pinterest you can schedule your pins (upto 30) or use an external social media management platform like Later or Tailwind. In fact with Tailwind you can bucket schedule your pins 

  • Keep a check on the Analytics

For knowing the full picture, ensure that you check your analytics frequently. And get familiar with what kind of content is performing better and leading to your objectives. And tweak your content strategy accordingly. 

  • Get ready to shop on Pinterest

Another key defining feature of Pinterest is Shopping. And it will be a game changer, but it's not yet available in the region. Ensure that you are ready to take advantage of catalogues and shopping feature, by getting your basics in place on Pinterest. And building a follower base.

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