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Defining yourself through Personal Brand Photography

Digital Detox Published on 22 Sep 2021

"Today you are you! That is truer than true! There is no one alive who is you-er than you!" - Dr Seuss

This famous quote of Dr Seuss, sums up what Personal Branding is all about. Each one of us is unique in our own unique ways. And personal branding helps to define that uniqueness to reflect our strengths and personality to our audience. It gives us the power to showcase our values and essence in an authentic way. 

It is a blend of you and your brand, shining together and creating an impact. Personal branding has successfully created its name and emerged as a crucial part of marketing and gaining ever-growing popularity.

A personal branding photoshoot is one of the ways to engage your audience through pictures that denote your work, your brand. This photoshoot is set according to the brand, their image in the market. It is an effective way to communicate about your brand through you, showcase its authenticity, make a mid-way for the audience to understand your brand and generate its need. Let's explore with us how to begin your Branding Photoshoot.

Your basic kit to begin your branding photoshoot is as follows. Get set for your journey -

Research your brand Image –

Before a personal branding photoshoot, have precise research about your brand, its image, and uniqueness in the market. Every factor needs to acknowledge before choosing a Personal branding photoshoot.

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Outline your shoot –

You must plan about your shoot to avoid any consequences. This planning includes preferred location, makeup, clothes type, color, and every important thing.

This outline will help to start your photoshoot with the right mindset. You can resonate your brand color with your clothes color, props, or anything which reflects you, and your brand together.


Create your mood board

The brand research will help in creating visual mood boards that are aligned with your company's uniqueness, style, and brand image. The colors, the visual language, the imagery - it should all be thought through before the photoshoot.

This simple exercise will give you the clarity of what you are aiming through a photoshoot, which is not a cut-paste job of someone else, but is ‘uniquely yours”. 

Plan props for your shoot

Props should reflect your brand story. This is a way to engage your audience, generate their interest. And depending on your location you must keep ready all props to add to your photoshoots. 

Example - A florist will create a better impact with images of him/her making an elegant floral arrangement or a podcaster with his/her mic and studio setup 

Shoot with different settings

Personal branding photoshoot reflects integrity between you and your brand. Shooting with different settings like your workplace, studio, any other preferred locations will provide a strong base for your images.

personal branding shoot

Keep variation in your shots

It means that not all your images should be alike there should be some variations. Go for images with your colleagues, while planning, execution, writing, and many such. These images are an exciting way to engage the audience. Also, take images vertically and horizontally to be used as needed.

It will attract an audience towards your work and likely your shoot will also be more interesting.

Let your images connect with your audience

The purpose of the branding photoshoot should be reflected in your mood and style of images. If it is to connect with your audience on social media then it should preferably be casual, friendly or fun, depending on your personality.

While if it is for an editorial or a formal interview, it might be more formal and reflective of your profession. But try to keep the warmth and personal connection in the chosen style to keep your audience engaged.

Choose clean and subtle background

Choosing professional and clutter-free images will make a stronger impact, since then the focus will be on you. It also gives you the flexiblity to use the images in various ways on social media platforms by changing the graphics and background. background images as simple and subtle can have various advantages. 

But if you choose to go for a thematic shoot like fashion diaries and behind the scenes, then ensure that you have few clean shots too.


Add your magic

A photoshoot can't be complete if it misses your magic; after all, it's you who creates your brand. A personal touch could be anything close to you, reflects you, your hobbies, and others. Like you can have your favorite mug, camera if you like photography, books you read, and anything that can make your shoot magical and unique.

Photoshoot and fun time

We know that a personal branding photoshoot is an important part of your brand image and marketing. But don't let this ruin your fun and enjoyment. Let your pictures be natural, exciting, cheering. Because your images will have a touch of your feeling so feel the day, smile more, and enjoy more.

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