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Optimize your Instagram Strategy with 5 Easy Tips

Growth Hacks Published on 10 Aug 2020

Intimidated of using Instagram for your Marketing. Learn the hacks to take the realms in your own hands.

When visual stimulation is flooding our eyeballs every second, creating a feed that is not attractive enough, is not an option. To create a mark in this small square grid on a mobile screen, within a fleeting scrolling second is really a challenge.

So let’s take up this challenge, with the right and FREE tools up our sleeves.




1. Design Better Looking Content -

One of the most critical parts of having a good instagram social media account is the aesthetics of it. Of course after content, but they both go hand-in-hand. And good content can get killed

You can do this too, without hiring a graphic designer or paying to an agency or buying expensive software to do that. Simply get familiar with some of the free but highly efficient apps/ websites to create amazing looking content. 

Our favorite is Canva. Canva is one of the most widely used platforms. It offers you an   exhaustive list of templates for all kinds of requirements - from facebook cover, to invite, to poster to instagram story, to social media posts, to animated posts - it has it all. Simply choose the category, the template, upload your images and logo. And customize the design the way you like. 

There is also a mobile app to use it for quick layouts. And simply download the layouts as jpg, png or pdf.

Other apps that you can explore are Pixlr, Pablo, Desygner and Fotor.

  • Be sure to create content in the best resolution and recommended sizes. This will ensure that your content gets posted, without any unnecessary cropping. 
  • Be consistent with your choice of fonts and color schemes, to give your feed a unique character and easy recognition. Don’t forget that clutter is a spoilsport in this visual curation and try to keep it light on the eyes, while keeping your feed clean. This will help in your viewers revisiting you again and again. 

2.  Schedule Your Posts -

You have created the perfect posts. But have no idea of when to post. Well take the stress out of posting, by scheduling your posts on the best days and time for your business. Go to your instagram insights and see under the ‘audience ‘tab,  when exactly your audience is online. You can use a scheduling platform like Later which is free to use for unto 1 login.  And link your instagram, facebook and twitter easily on it.

It gives you an opportunity to think through your post descriptions well in advance, upload all your content, add and save your hashtags for future use, schedule it on your preferred date and time. And best part is that you get to view your feed on how it will look with all the content planned. Thus giving you a chance to make some tweaks in your future posts. 

This scheduling and visualizing your content, ensures that your feed is well thought through and hence no need to scurry your brain at the last minute for random posts.

There are many other Free apps that you can use like  Planoly, Unum, Preview and Plann (only available on IOS)




3. Use Hashtags effectively :

 Hashtags are like group names given to individuals and if we need to find a certain type, we know which group to find it in. But it’s not as easy as it sounds. Finding the right hashtag for your post, ends up being a guessing game or a creative outlet , like #mymondaymorningsucked or #letsmakeindiancurrytonight. But is your audience really searching with that hashtag?


  • Find Relevant Hashtag - For this purpose, use the website - Display Purposes - type 2-3 of your chosen keywords, and it will showcase a wide selection of relevant keywords with their search volume. So you can pick and use the most effective ones. And see what difference that makes to your visibility.
  • Follow Hashtags. Yes you follow people and accounts but might not be aware of following the hashtags relevant to your business or profile. For example for a graphic designer in London, it would be of great help to see posts from different accounts about #graphicdesigntrends or #graphicdesignerlondon to stay up-to-date on both trends and competition. And also to get inspiration for future content. For this simply type a hashtag in the search tab, and click on the hashtag which has the most search volume, and click the follow button. 
  • Keep a watch - Lastly keep a watch on the content of the ‘thought-leaders’ and micro-influencers of your domain. What keywords and hashtags they are using. In simple terms, what works for them; will be helpful to you too if the goals are similar.

4. Use Stories More Effectively:

We all love browsing right and left on all the fun and quirky stories that pop up freshly on our feeds everyday. While the posts have a more curated and refined aesthetics and appeal, stories are more real and slice of life. Guess for the fact that it has lower shelf life (till its saved in highlights), makes it more spontaneous. And gives an opportunity to play with gifs, videos, and add different layers of creativity.

  • Use Location and trending hashtags, to increase reach. 
  • Tag other people and brands (as and when relevant), to increase chances of reposts. Like tagging the restaurant where you dined, the school where your kid studies, the show that you attended etc
  • Create more engaging content - Stories are THE best way to start conversations (because hello “reply to Stories” feature đź‘‹). Just don’t post your images but try and have a conversation going. Like having polls, ask a question, have a countdown, going live, etc
  • Save your stories in nicely curated highlights, for future viewing. Create a visually appealing highlight cover in a few minutes on canva and see how it uplifts your feed.

5. Start Investing In Building Your Community:

I know it’s easy to talk about oneself and keep promoting your products or brand. But it’s equally vital to have an external communication as well. Because unlike your website, instagram is a social media, where the intent should be to have a social communication and to build your community.

  • Follow like minded people and accounts. Also follow key influencers and micro-influencers to get relevant content
  • Comment and like the content of others on a regular basis, to show your appreciation. Engage with their stories too.
  • Share content of others as well on your feed. Example recipes you liked of someone, designs you liked of another designer, etc to keep the spirit social and positive and open
  • See if you can find a group or challenge or activity that’s happening in the insta world that you can participate in. As a photographer, I found many such like minded photographers on the challenge groups. It gives an excellent opportunity to learn, as we build our community on the ‘gram’.

Use these tips to build your Social Media Strategy.




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