NFT marketing

NFTs in Marketing: What you should know

Marketing Deep Dive Published on 07 Feb 2022

NFTs stands for Non Fungible Tokens.

They are digital assets that can be sold and purchased like digital art, video, JPEG, and much more through blockchain technology. NFTs can be seen as certificates of ownership that verify the digital product is original, unique.

But you must be thinking about how these NFTs help you in marketing? The market trends are changing and NFTs are one of those. In recent times NFTs are on the buzz and more or less everyone is using them to their advantage be it artists, businesses, and entrepreneurs.

In this situation trying to understand NFTs and using it to boost your company is the best idea. But, for this, you need to be equipped with the basics to begin your journey.

We’re here to make this journey easy, smooth, and flexible. We will try to give you a fair idea of how NFTs will help to leverage your marketing and henceforth your business, brand.

How marketers can use NFTs to leverage their marketing are as follows?

NFT marketing strategy

Promoting your brands –

NFTs is like a new culture that is slowly drifting into our marketing, and related strategies. It’s a new way to connect to people and be aware of our business and brand. NFTs are new to everyone and at this time hands-on basics will help to promote business.

Marketers can use this as one of the platforms to promote their business, brands, and much more. You can collaborate with some artists, and launch some digital art videos in concern to your brand. The growing popularity of art will simultaneously promote your brand.

Many big names such as Taco Bell, McDonald’s, Campbell’s are using NFT as part of their marketing. For example – Coca- Cola released a series of four animated NFTs, digital artworks thereby delivering multisensory experiences.

This way consumers are more interested in spending their time with the brand, and it leads to promotion and greater brand value.

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Reaching more audience –

The buzz of the NFTs can be advantageous for businesses, and brands. In recent times, more and more people are exploring NFTs, trying to understand them, and investing their time into them.

From the perspective of a marketer, this time can be beneficial for reaching and connecting more audiences. You can reach them through NFTs, promoting your brand on NFT, and much more.

People will be more aware of your brand and will take an interest in your brand. Hence, you will be able to target more customers and reach more audiences.

Launching new products, books through NFTs–

Various companies are using NFTs for their new product launch, promoting milestones, and much more. Launching new items, products through NFTs excite the audience, and they are willing to drive pre-orders.

Gary Vaynerchuk – decided to launch his new book, titled Twelve and a Half: Leveraging the Emotional Ingredients Necessary for Business Success on NFT. And in 24 hours, for every twelve copies, buyers purchased they will earn one NFT.

This shows that nowadays holds crucial power, and more and more are interested in investing their money in it. As a marketer, you can use this strategy to drive sales, increase ROI, and much more.

Working for a good cause –

Working for good cause

NFTs can be perfectly used to collect donations and keep the pace up for the good cause. For example - American heritage and sportswear brand Original Penguin partnered with TikTok influencer artists in the creation and delivery of its first-ever NFT auction, which was held in November.

It was eight AR powdered NFTs and it was auctioned. The interested buyer will be able to view NFTs in AR. All the earnings went to a non-profit, Free Arts NYC to help youth through art and mentoring programs. This type of effort not only builds a healthy and positive society rather promotes businesses, an artist who took this initiative.

This is an effective way to promote a good cause along with using NFTs as resources for marketing.

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