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Why we don't keep our New Year Resolution?

Naheed Inspires Published on 31 Dec 2020

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It's new year’s eve and we notice everyone starts talking about resolutions.

The excitement lives on and for days we see people doing all that which they have resolved they will.

However, as days pass into the next month, the resolution loses it’s steam.

Few months passes by, the resolution is lost completely.

Have you been one of them who decided to have a list of to-do in the new year and then somehow those things became lost in the hustle bustle of life?

So, what happened here? Where did the resolution get lost?

The fact is it’s more of a trend today, the thing to do on new years.

The purpose may not be something which has an association with any deep rooted belief or your dreams, and hence they lose their significance. Because they are not important in your goals or milestones for the year.

New Year 2021

So, just take a few minutes and reflect on these two questions with respect to your new year resolution.

  • Where are your thoughts focussed? 
  • Does the resolution involve you “losing” anything?

Our mind thinks in images. So when you speak you see images in your head. Most of the times you are not even conscious of this.

So, if you give yourself an image of “losing something”, it’s not what your mind is programmed to do. Remember since your childhood, all you have been programmed with is “not to lose”. 

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If you are focussed on achieving something, then where do the achievements fit into your dreams, your life goals, and how important are they in your big picture?

So, if you are one of them who likes to set resolutions at the beginning of the year, let’s try it a bit differently this year.



why resolutions fail
  1. What is the purpose for the resolution? Why even think about doing it?
  2. Speak about what you want to gain.
  3. When you get it, what and how will you feel?
  4. Where does the resolution fit into your big picture? Your dream? Your life goals?
  5. What will be it’s contribution in your life goals? 
  6. What is it’s significance in the big picture of your life, work, business?

Whatever be your focus this year, whatever be your resolution, give it a bigger purpose in your life. Make it’s existence important. Make it about something that the very thought of achieving it gives you joy and fills you with excitement. 

And most importantly, do it because “you want to” and not because “you think you would want to”.

Don’t follow the trend. Create your own. 


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