Marketing Buzz August

Top 10 Marketing Buzz in August

Just In Published on 31 Aug 2021

In case you have missed the latest marketing buzz for the month. We have covered it all for you.

Let’s have a quick look at what happened in the month of August.

Google’s Link Spam Update Is Complete


Google spam link update

Google has rolled out its link spam update on 24 August. The new update will ensure qualified affiliate links, guest, and social posts that are further used as monetization techniques.

Yes, you heard it right. No more spammy techniques can be entertained. Thus, making it transparent for everyone as these updates will directly correct those types of issues for the users.

To ensure high-quality content and improve user experience, the new Google update can do wonders for SEOs.


Google Reports Data Loss in Search Console


search console update

Google confirmed data loss in the search console which will affect the search console reports, not the website's actual performance. So, the Search and discovery data collected on August 23 & 24 will get affected.

As an SEO professional, it would be better to add an annotation to the reports otherwise the performance may look insignificant and can hamper the performance.

Further, there is no communication from them regarding the retrieval of the data. For now, everything seems fine and the search console is back to collecting data as usual.


Facebook Messenger Turns 10, Adds 4 New Features

Facebook messenger update

Facebook on turning 10 surprises its users by adding 4 new features. So, if are one who enjoys using the app, we have something great in-store.

The new Facebook messenger features are-

  1. Send & Receive Cash Gifts
  2. Group Chat Poll Games
  3. Birthday Expression Tools
  4. New Way to Share Contacts

The new capabilities will surely upshoot its uses, providing users a lot more just via click. Facebook messenger has got everything to thrill the users of the app.


Snapchat Trends Shows Most Popular Keywords

snapchat update

Good news for the Snapchat users. Snapchat is all set to introduce a tool to highlight the most popular keyword named Snapchat trends.

The tool will help you find the best keywords, the level to which it is used, and the trending keywords.  Marketers have a lot to do with the new tool as they can filter the data by country, can check the usage pattern of a keyword, and ensure effective market research.

Keywords are the essence of SEO's and there is nothing to wonder what keywords can offer when it comes to understanding your audience and building brand image.


Abu Dhabi Global Market new rules under the Data Protection Regulations 2021

data protection Abu Dhabi

Abu Dhabi Global Market (hereinafter referred to as “ADGM”), on July 25th, 2021 has announced new rules under the Data Protection Regulations (DPR)2021.

The following new rules are as such to be implemented-

  1. Data Protection Regulations (Fees) Rules 2021 (DPR Fees Rules); and
  2. Data Protection Regulations (Fines) Rules 2021 (DPR Fines Rules)

The main objective behind the implementation of such rules is to keep a check that fines and fees to be applicable and imposed under various provisions of the Data Protection Regulations 2021.  It will help to ensure transparency in processing the data automatically.


Magento Critical Vulnerabilities Announced by Adobe

magento recent update

Abode confirmed the release of a patch for Magento 2 to fix multiple critical vulnerabilities. The vulnerabilities affect both the open-source and commercial versions of the popular Magento e-commerce platform

Some of the vulnerabilities could allow attackers to take over administrator sessions as well as grant access to customer information.

Thus, Abode rolled out the patch with 33 security enhancements for 16 vulnerabilities.


LinkedIn Publishes New Glossary of Marketing Terms to Help Improve Understanding

LinkedIn update

LinkedIn has published a new guide that aims to provide some assistance, ensure a better understanding to navigate all the online marketing jargon.

LinkedIn’s 9-page ‘Ultimate Glossary of Brand Building Terms’ is fairly brief, but it does cover many of the basic terms. But surely it could help you get your head around some of the main common concepts.

 The guide is arranged in alphabetical order making it a helpful addition to your process. So, get yourself acquainted with marketing terms with LinkedIn.


TikTok Shares New Insights into Usage Trends, and its Impact on Audience Behaviours

Tiktok update

Nothing to be surprised about, TikTok usage has surged during the pandemic, providing a means of escape to the users the harsh realities of the world. TikTok and an app with a never-ending stream of short video clips have everything to please its users.

Among the report’s other key findings:

  1. Users are spending more time on TikTok and less time with other entertainment options, with higher attention rates compared to other video platforms
  2. TikTok prompts people to act and providing users a constant stream of joyful entertainment, liberating creativity, and endless
  3. It’s a positive experience that primes people to join in the fun and take action - and for brands, TikTok’s proactive population can have a huge effect”.


YouTube Overhauls Search Results

YouTube update

YouTube is all set to change the visual presentation of SERPs and the types of content returned.  by overhauling its search results. Thus, making the search page more visual, helping users to make better decisions. YouTube is going to change the way users going to use search results.

The three significant changes from YouTube overhauls search results

  1. Improved visual presentation
  2. Automatic translations
  3. Integration of Google search results


Google Ads Includes Impression Share Data in Custom Columns

google ads update

Previously, Google Ads had allowed the average position to be included in custom columns but now impression share metrics will be available.

This new inclusion allows advertisers to create calculations that factor in where there is still an opportunity to gain more visibility by bidding or budgeting.


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