Self Love is the first step

Love yourself to Love Others

Naheed Inspires Published on 06 Sep 2020

Love yourself for who you are and not for who you “want” to become. NLP coach Naheed Khan, shares another motivational article in this exclusive series for The Brand Tribe - Naheed Inspires. 

Naheed Inspires is a series of inspiring articles by NLP coach - Naheed Khan, as an endeavour to motivate you, and guide you on your journey of life goals and positive living. You can know more about her and her work in this feature.


Have you ever thought or said to yourself…“It’s so selfish to love myself. I am a parent, a spouse, a son/ daughter, a leader, so if I love myself then I will be be centred on myself and neglect all the others”

Well, you couldn’t be more wrong.

To love oneself, is to recognise how love feels like. If we don’t know the feeling, what can we make others feel?

How can we love anyone if we don’t love ourself?? If we are not grateful for what “we” have been blessed with... blessed within!!! 

Every smile that we have spread because we have been smiling... every achievement that we’ve had because we have been confident... every success we’ve had because we worked hard for it and believed that we deserved it.. 

It’s a lesson learnt the hard way. 

When we stop loving ourselves, we are unhappy, unsuccessful, sad, lost, irritated and in some cases even depressed. And as a professional, we see our performance and our productivity go down.

We start listening to this negative voice in our head, that says that “I am not good enough” and we wallow in self pity  with another dialogue “Nobody values my contribution”

We lose hope because we don’t believe in our worth.. in our capabilities and in our strengths... 

But the strength has always been within us. It has been lying buried under those voices that make you feel weak. That makes you feel powerless.



How can I love anyone if I don’t love the person that I am?

How can I love anyone if I don’t accept my imperfections and still value my worth?

Look within you, look around you. What have you created? Look in your past, look at your achievements. That small act of kindness that you may have. That little gesture of concern that you may have shown. 

You are a beacon of wisdom and it’s all sprinkled in your past.

Are you ready to accept and embrace your shortcomings?

Love yourself for who you are and not for who you “want” to become. 

Value your contributions whether as a parent, a spouse, or a professional... you will see your performance soar... your relationships flourish... a positive atmosphere no matter where you go.. 

We all carry our own sunshine... let it shine bright.. love your glow!


Stay Inspired!

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