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Lifestyle Apps to Increase Your Productivity

Techmate Published on 02 Aug 2020

Today, all of us are strapped for time – juggling between chores, striving to maintain a healthy work-life balance, and becoming successful working professionals.


To do all this at once can be a bit daunting. There are many applications that will not only help you stay on top of things, but will also help you be more productive and keep a track of your lifestyle habits. So today, we bring you 4 apps that will help you stay on top of things and help you be more productive and keep track of your lifestyle habits:



1. Forest

Are you someone who gets easily distracted by your phone and misses your deadlines? Download Forest in order to stay focused and finish your tasks. Forest inspires you to put your phone aside and focus on the task at hand. That too in a fun and creative way, to make you accountable, by growing your own ‘forest’.

All you have to do is plant a seed on the app, and then put a timer. If you are able to complete the task, your tree grows. If however, you exit the app, the tree dies. Thus, you stay motivated to complete your tasks in the given time! 

The app is extremely appealing in its minimalist style and is loaded with cool features. Like planting with friends, planting real trees, in exchange for your time and money, customize your growth settings and track your progress. 

So go ahead, keep aside your phone and plant a seed.



2. HelloSign

Imagine having an already busy day, and you realise you have a few contracts that need your signature. You will first have to print it, sign them, scan and then finally send it over. Seems like too much, doesn’t it?

This is where HelloSign comes in! With this app, you can simply sign the documents electronically. Moreover, you can also have these contracts saved on the app itself, which means that there is no need to have a physical copy of these papers, and create a clutter!

The app has a free basic version, and has monthly plans starting from $13 onwards, for those who want to benefit from the additional features




3. Freedom

Do you get distracted by social media and as a result have a lot of pending tasks at hand? Freedom is the perfect app for you that will block all time – consuming websites and applications, for a given time period.

All you need to do is create a list of sites you want to keep away from, and mention the time. This way, you will be able to focus on your work, and not get side-tracked due to social media applications.


4. Habitica

Ever heard about an app that helps you keep up a good lifestyle and lets you be a part of a game at the same time? Well, that is Habitica for you! 

Habitica is a free task management app available for both Android and iOS. All you need to do is put in a few goals and habits that you wish to inculcate and create your own avatar. As you keep achieving your goals, you will be able to unlock many features and benefits for your avatar, making sure that you are hooked on to the game and have good habits in your life. Although free, you can pay a monthly subscription fee of $5 or an annual fee of $48 to get access to exclusive costumes, mounts, and pets for your avatar! 

So now that you know about these fantastic apps, make sure you download them and start using them to make your day much more fruitful and productive!


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