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Latest Social Media News – 9 Recent Buzz for every Marketer

Just In Published on 09 Mar 2021

Don’t mind me asking when was the last time you checked your social media? It might be 1 minute back before you landed here to read this blog. 

With the rapid proliferation of the internet in the past 20 years, social media has changed the way we used to live. The statistics speak that an average adult spends 2 hours and 22 minutes daily on social channels.

Social media channels keep on adding new features and experimenting with new trends to keep their users hooked. We recently saw how Instagram reels were popular overnight after TikTok was banned. There are a lot of latest buzz happening in the world of social media 

Therefore, we thought to acknowledge the latest social media news and the trends - 

Social media celebrates black history month- 

All the major social media platforms celebrated black history month in February which highlights the remarkable contribution of people of color as part of the event.  Facebook launched a series of educational videos to highlight the contributions of black creators followed by Instagram, TikTok and YouTube. 

TikTok new label to stop the spread of misinformation-

TikTok has partnered with fact-checkers at PolitiFact, Lead Stories, and SciVerify which helps them to access the origin of the information. Whenever a video is uploaded it is cross-checked with a fact-checker to ensure the quality of content. These updates will help the company to stop the spread of any misinformation from their end. 

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Instagram added 'Recently Deleted' Folder-

For the first time, you can access and review your recently deleted pictures. It is definitely a delight for content creators. However, your post only stays in your recently deleted folder for 24 hours max. All you need is to update your Instagram app and use this feature. It would provide an extra safeguard for your posts. 

YouTube Shares a Sneak Peek of Its New Video Sharing Feature -

The new feature will now let users share a part of the video or a live stream between 5 to 60 seconds with their attribution. Earlier views have to use its watch page URL while sharing YouTube videos and live streams. It will be a useful feature as it will allow sharing a quick and interesting part of the video to the audience. 

Instagram to launch a new professional dashboard-

One of the most effective social media updates that happened recently is Instagram launching a professional dashboard as a support service for creators. It will help the content creators to track their performance, their account insights, and other resources through this professional dashboard. This is where anyone can go to discover tools and professional resources for tracking performance and growing your business.

Netflix launched “studio quality” audio to android devices- 

This is the latest social media news in every nook and corner. The new updates aim to improve the sound quality on android devices by adding support for the xHE-AAC (Extended HE-AAC with MPEG-D DRC) audio codec. It will help the users to hear content loud and clear without background noise.  

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Twitter recommended the IDFA change-

With Apple launching identifier for advertising (IDFA) changes associated with iOS14, a lot of social media portals will be affected. Twitter said they have taken steps to support SKAdNetwork, Apple’s proprietary attribution solution, which enables click install reporting aggregated at the campaign or ad group level. This is an optional data tracking option provided by Apple. 

WhatsApp stops working on the vacation mode feature and rolled out a new feature-

WhatsApp just rolled out the vacation mode feature and allowed support for multiple devices. The feature will mute all chats and archive them when a new message arrives. There will a separate preview message notification option in case you want to know who pinged you. 

With the new feature, four different devices can be linked with one WhatsApp account. So, if a person logs in from another device they can transfer their conversations to the new device. 

Twitter quote tweets now easy to find under tweets- 

The new feature will give access to users to quote tweets under their tweet which was previously not available. Also, Twitter brings a reply-limiting feature for all users on the platform which will allow users better control over their conversations on the platform. This social media news is trending as it will reduce the trolling and cyber abuse on the platform.

With a handful of the latest social media news, brands need to build enduring relationships with customers and they need multiple marketing channels to achieve that. 

Do you need help in doing that? 

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