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Taking Action for a Cleaner Future - Sprudel

People in Focus Published on 27 Nov 2020

Shawn Green is the Founder and Managing Director of Sprudel, an eco-friendly water company that is on a mission to change the way UAE drinks water. He educates about the harmful effects of single-use plastic consumption with his products and aims to transform the way we drink water.

The Inspiration to save the planet

We all must do our part to promote healthy practices during this critical time, and we are proud to support our customers in doing theirs.”

The journey began when Shawn lived in Germany for a decade.

Shawn had grown up in Dubai and he already knew how single-use plastic is a big problem here. As he calls Dubai his home, Shawn always wanted Dubai to become a cleaner and sustainable place.

Having been introduced to plastic-free drinking solutions in Europe, made him realize how dependent we are on plastic bottles in the UAE. In fact, the concept of Sprudel grew out of a natural desire to educate and support the local community and the environment.

Shawn believed that because UAE residents consume so much single-use plastic compared to other communities globally, they are particularly impacted.

"No doubt, multiple problems need to be addressed for humanity to become more sustainable. However, Sprudel focussed on one problem. “

Single-use plastics have become so mainstream that people have forgotten how detrimental they are. Now with health and safety being a top concern, businesses are utilizing more plastic than ever - going as far as to wrap plastic utensils in an extra layer of plastic film.

There are many other ways to maintain health and safety protocols without adding plastic to landfills and waterways, and the movement is meant to help the community understand their options. If people know that they have viable alternatives, it is expected that they will make good choices.

Sprudel Founder

Shawn Green, Founder at Sprudel

What are some of the best Sprudel Products?

Sprudel specializes in mains-fed water dispensers.

Designed in Europe and installed by skilled German-trained technicians, Sprudel products enable offices, F&B, hotels, and homes to offer and enjoy unlimited still and sparkling water. The mains-fed system completely negates the need for water deliveries, bottle storage, and inventory management.

The customers all realize significant savings in time, energy, and money. More importantly, Sprudel customers are doing their part for the planet by eliminating single-use plastic bottles from their premises.

Sprudel is here for the long haul and still has a lot of work to do in helping the UAE to become more sustainable. Sprudel is passionate about providing outstanding services to our existing subscription clients and working closely with them as they look to become increasingly sustainable.

In the future, they have some very interesting projects in the pipeline to move the needle on reducing the use of single-use plastic water bottles.

#IQuitPlastic Digital campaign

The I QUIT PLASTIC movement is driven by individuals that are ready to take #TheSprudelPledge to make some simple changes to reduce their reliance on single-use plastic.

Pledge takers are conscious of the 'plastic problem' and are ready to do better for themselves, their community, and for the next generation. Sprudel chose to launch the movement digitally because it is a sustainable, waste-free way to build momentum around the cause.

I quit plastic company

To kick-start, the movement Sprudel also gave away some plastic-free starter kits on our Instagram. The kits included a canvas bag, a reusable straw with a cleaning brush, a bamboo toothbrush, and a reusable glass bottle containing Sprudel's filtered water to help individuals cut down on their daily consumption of single-use plastics.

Sprudel even got shortlisted for the Middle East Public Relations Association 2020 for their #IQuitPlastic social media campaign.

Challenges & COVID-19

Shawn Green says -

"Seven years ago when I was setting up the company, everything was foreign to me and everything was a new kind of challenge, but if you look at it from a systematic angle with a learn-by-doing approach to it as well as an open mind, you can overcome any challenge."

Although, till now they haven't explored the benefits of marketing as much, they tried it with influencers and some educational content on social media like #PlasticFreeJuly Tips and of course the digital movement. The marketing is a challenge for them as they have grown their business with the help of referrals till now.

With Covid-19 there are many new challenges that brands face. One of them is health concerns during the pandemic which prompted many to press pause on their plans to go plastic-free.

For Sprudel, this was an unfortunate backslide in the momentum the UAE community was building towards adopting more sustainable practices.

To help customers go plastic-free without jeopardizing health and safety measures, we offer our customers the Sprudel PDL, a foot-operated pedal system that allows the user to dispense still or sparkling water without using their hands.

Sustainability being at the core of the brand, the foot pedal is made out of recycled plastic bottles, turning plastic into fantastic and keeping it out of the landfills.

We all must do our part to promote healthy practices during this critical time, and we are proud to support our customers in doing theirs.

What are the daily lifestyle changes one should do to join the mission?

Carry a reusable water bottle, ask your restaurant to keep the plastic cutlery, pack your lunch in durable containers, bring your own bag to the grocery shop, and much more.

These are simple things that one can do without any shifting in daily habits

To take it a step further, people can carry a reusable straw with you or ask the barista to pour your order into a reusable coffee cup. Change your toothbrush to a bamboo one. When you go cloth shopping, try to look for natural fibers and avoid synthetics.

Taking a little time to understand the plastic-free alternatives available will go a long way.

Sprudel company

What's the best thing as a consumer you do?

Insist on plastic-free alternatives from the outlets you do business with or the offices you work in. More often than not, they will be happy to oblige and simply need a little encouragement.

Inspiration for entrepreneurs-

The success behind Sprudel is their strategy that is to offer the best customer service along with the best product in the market. No doubt, multiple problems need to be addressed for humanity to become more sustainable. However, Sprudel focussed on one problem.

If you are a budding entrepreneur, try to understand one issue you are passionate about. If that is in place, educate yourself on the current way things are done, ask a lot of questions, and then work to improve the status quo.

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