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A Quick Guide to Intent-based Marketing Strategy

Marketing Deep Dive Published on 07 Jan 2022

Do you know who is your best customer? 

Someone who has an intent to purchase your product or services. Therefore, optimising your website as per the search intent user is typing on Google is crucial. 

So to define it precisely “Intent-based marketing is a style of marketing where we target customers who have intentions for purchase by understanding their online actions”

Intent-based marketing strategy undergoes research, looks for online actions, and accordingly shows consumers which product or services they need. It is a way to target an audience who already are influenced by the product.

Today, our world is a digital world and everything is just one click away. This allows companies to collect more and more data. And marketers use that data to make high-quality leads. Our data reveals our search, our interests, and choices which can be an effective tool to understand our requirements, and needs. 

They get data by analyzing the digital footprints of buyers. Their product review, the website they checked on, time on page, the content they choose, and much more. All this provides a fair idea of what the buyer is looking for

According to research by Forrester, 74% of firms say they want to be “data-driven”, but only 29% say they are good at connecting analytics to action. This shows the growing interest of businesses in intent-based marketing. B2B marketers use this data to make their long-term customers.

Intent-based marketing can be meaningful in the following ways :-

Cost reduction in marketing – 

There is a certain budget set for different areas in the company. So, it’s necessary to generate maximum output within a limited budget. An intent-based marketing strategy can be helpful here. Since, the intent data provides a clear view about audience online actions, their purchase intentions, and much more. This data allows marketers to enlist their potential customers and use their resources for them. It allows to enlist the right buyers and invest in them with high chances of advantaged output.

Improve customer’s purchase experience –

Customer purchase experience

The intent-based marketing allows us to understand whom to target, approach for the product. It saves time for both the marketers, customers, and a better understanding can be created between them. If we approach a customer who has intentions to buy then there is a smooth flow, the buyers will be more interested, marketers will be more enthusiastic. All this will improve customers’ purchase experience which overall improves the image of the business or brand.

Account-based marketing and intend marketing - 

Intent marketing is powerful for account-based marketing. You already know what they’re looking for and you can target their accounts. You can make your content relevant to their research, and requirements to bring optimum engagement.

Optimize marketing resources –

Intent-based marketing implies that you already have a deep insight into the buying journey of your leads. You have an idea of what your leads are looking for, the keywords they’re using, and any such things they want to know. You can update your content, or intent to answer the questions, it will catch more attention of buyers. And you have the advantage to make them as the high-quality leads and long-term customers.

High ROI –

Return on Investment

The intent-based marketing can be used effectively for high returns on investment. Since we put all our focus on intended customers, there are high chances to make them high-quality leads. The time, the energy you invested is paid off in terms of effective leads. This creates more long-term customers and thereby boosts the company’s ROI.

Challenges faced by Intent-based marketing

Lack of quality data – 

Intent marketing is data-driven so high-quality, precise data is necessary for making high-quality leads. This demands better research, data collection, and proper analysis of data to put it into action. Otherwise, if data isn’t accurate then it will be a waste of resources. So, be careful with your data quality. There is various software which provides these services so you can look for the best.

Blending existing data with intending data – 

Another challenge in intent based marketing is integrating intended data with existing data to come up with the best results. The more the data sources the more complex it will become. So, integrating it effectively is necessary to understand consumers' behaviour, their purchase choices, and much more.

Intent-based marketing is the future, more and more businesses are actively using it to make their potential customers. As the world is shifting digitally so are the marketing strategies. 

Intent-based marketing is data-driven, and through proper analyzing works in the direction of improving sales, customer experience, and ROI for businesses and brands.

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