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Personal Branding - 4 Golden Rules to build your Brand

Hustle Marketing Published on 30 Sep 2020

Personal Branding - Is it just the latest buzzword? Should we focus on building our personal brand or invest in our work to speak for itself? 

Off late, have you noticed an increase in the number of gurus and influencers who claim to be experts and can help you out in achieving your dreams and goals?

Ever since the world was hit with coronavirus, there has been a surge on social media, with people becoming more active than ever, leading to an increase in influencers and personal brand evangelists.

Every day, more keep cropping up – people who declare that they have acquired profound knowledge through their work and research, and can help you to do the same.

The line “hit like, subscribe and follow me” has become too common these days, with everyone wanting to have more followers and subscribers, so that they can be more visible. But the real question here is, is personal branding a fad, or should everyone focus on creating one?

Well, the answer is quite simple.

Personal branding marketing is extremely important these days, to set you apart from the crowd. However, it is easier said than done. Building a personal brand can sometimes take years, and even then, there is no guarantee that you will be successful.

How to build my personal brand?

We attempted to elaborate on the need for personal branding. But this doesn’t provide an answer on how to build my personal brand. So, here it is.

how to build my personal brand

However, if you really want to create a personal brand of your own, start by following these few steps and get a head – start from others:

1. Decide your niche domain

This is the first and foremost step that you must take when creating your own personal brand or business personal brand. Choose a category in which you want to make a name for yourself. Think of a niche that you want people to recognise you for, and stick to it.

Be it digital marketing, growth hacking, fitness, mental health, self – improvement or any other category that you can think of. This is utterly important as you first need to decide the frame in which you want to operate in, and then take steps in building your brand towards it.

2. Read up – A Lot! 

Although this may sound like a cliché, but is actually one of the most important steps that you need to master. When thinking of become an opinion leader or creating your own brand, it is necessary that you master that domain perfectly so that you can help, advice and recommend other how to go about it.

So, start researching and reading about your chosen field of interest. Be it blogs, articles, video – scout as much as possible!

3. Define your audience

Once you know your niche, and have acquired a good amount of knowledge, the next thing that you must do is start building your audience. To do this, you need to understand who the correct audience for you is.

Ask yourself questions like whom would your content be relevant to? Who would benefit out of it? Then accordingly, target your audience

4. Engage with your content

The next step is to showcase your knowledge to your target audience. Create content that would be meaningful and engaging. Make sure to keep it simple, so that your followers can understand it with ease.

Conduct workshops and training sessions. Keep looking for ways to engage with your audience – solve any doubts, questions or queries that they may have.

These steps may seem simple to carry out, but it is deceptively so. You need to keep experimenting and learning, so that you can stay an opinion leader and continue to influence people and make a difference in their lives.

Business Personal Brand

Why is business personal brand important?

A business personal brand is important to create a unique and distinguishable identity. It serves as a cue for the audience to easily recognize you. Building a strong personal brand with high values, and authenticity helps to connect with the audience so they can perceive your brand positively. 

It opens new opportunities, helps to achieve personal and professional goals, freedom to express yourself creatively, and much more.

 The interesting part is that personal branding is not just about business, or brands rather it applies to everyone be it healthcare settings, doctors, personal coaches, and much more.

Personal Branding Marketing Services – 

Personal branding marketing services create a roadmap to improve and maintain your image, to connect to the audience in a meaningful way, and to benefit the brand.

  • It prepares a layout about content posting 
  • Building relationships with the audience through engaging social media presence
  • Keep the pace up with the brand’s vision
  • Identify the scope of the audience
  • Maintain the tone of communication
  • Flourish your personal and professional values.

There are various consultancies, a digital hub which can be vital in personal branding. One of them is The Brand Tribe, which provides your brand with a unique identity.

Building your personal brand will help you and others to find you when done in the right way. So make sure to understand its importance and start your personal branding journey!

Frequently Asked Questions

1) How do I start my personal branding?

 Personal branding is the first step in creating a brand with values, authenticity, and uniqueness. And it is crucial to thrive and prosper to the changing market demands.

To start your personal branding, you can begin with these steps –

  • Find your niche and create a brand vision
  • Be yourself
  • Choose your target audience
  • Build your website
  • Be consistent and relatable
  • Experiment with new ways to be creative
  • Build your social media presence
personal branding for doctors
2) Why should doctors invest in personal branding?

In today’s world personal branding is an important element for every business, healthcare setting, and doctor as well. Because personal branding is about delivering values and authenticity. 

Personal branding for doctors is a way to highlight the following- 

  • Strengths and capabilities, 
  • Improve personal and professional image
  • Instigate patient demands
  • Extend visibility and public awareness
3) What are the 5 A’s of personal branding?

The 5 A’s of personal branding are Authority, Authenticity, Aspiration, Artisanat, and finally Affinity. And for being a strong brand and creating a unique image brand has to score well on all.

  • Authority – Authority is the space to answer crucial questions around brands. Such as why choose your brand? Is it worth the price? Reasons why your brand is better than competitors? The idea is to find something to convince your audience, customers that your brand is best and worthy.
  • Authenticity – As the word suggests, authenticity refers to the image and reputation of the company behind the product. What if the company can be trusted? If they’re committed? The company works consistently on services, and others to prove themselves as the right choice.
  • Aspiration – It’s all about how your project, and connects with an audience. The idea is to connect in a way that is attractive and draws the audience towards us.
  • Artisanat – This word refers to craftsmanship. It refers to the extent to which a brand has its unique style and passion for what they do.
  • Affinity – It refers to the extent brand showcases Personal and human values as the character of their brand to which customers can relate. They connect with affinity as they see these traits as valuable to themselves.

Although most brands will excel on a single specific A, strong brands score on all.

4) How personal branding can affect business revenue?

Personal Branding is about creating a unique Brand Identity to distinguish your brand. It provides a fresh look to the brand which is used as a cue for customers to remember you. 

A strong brand image generates interest, attract more audience, and strengthen the business overall. It helps in generating more revenue by increasing sales and diverting more customers towards the brand. According to various studies, brands with top customer connection shows 31% greater revenue as compared to the lowest brands. Thus, personal branding is a way to achieve more ROI, better revenue, and a strong customer base.

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