how to attract genZ consumers

7 Hacks to attract Gen Z Consumers

Hustle Marketing Published on 16 Dec 2021

They are someone born after 1997 and play a vital role as consumers. Therefore, neglecting them & their choices is never good for your brand especially if they are the ideal customers for your brand.

Pleasing this generation is not easy as they are smart enough to understand Social media & Technology. They are handy with technical stuff and may not adhere to traditional marketing techniques.

So, how should we attract this generation? Don’t worry!

We're sharing 7 Hacks to attract GenZ Consumers which will tackle your query and form an aligned strategy to attract GenZ Consumers.

Understand their culture –

Before approaching a consumer you must have a fair idea of who they're, how they spend money, and their culture. Start precise research to understand them.

The insights will help approach them in their ways and to make a healthy space to market your brand, product, and others.

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Understanding their culture will help you in creating better strategies that can go along with GenZ consumers.

Make video content your key

Your key to getting your space of interaction with GenZ is video. They just prefer videos over anything and will go on to see more and more videos.

A Google survey revealed that YouTube is the first platform Generation Z use as a medium for entertainment, cheering up, and seeing different videos be it for knowledge, gaining skills, and much more.

video marketing

Like YouTube you can also engage them with making your brand video, with brand storytelling, and whatever creative you come up with on other social media platforms.

Sell your experience, just not a product –

You have to keep this in mind while approaching GenZ. Don't go on saying that our product is best, amazing, use it and all. Rather go on with your experience, and relate your product with their lifestyle, and culture.

This can help gain their attention towards you and surely it will increase your reach and confidence. This helps them to relate with your brand, product and show more engagement, and interest in you.

Easy payment options –

The GenZ prefers comfort and flexibility over anything so you have to offer them extreme flexibility. Many products, brands use this strategy of making easy & comfortable payment methods. Add this to your product and see where it takes you.

Approach social issues as well –

This Generation is welcoming various changes to our society and culture. So, it becomes important for them to openly talk, express their opinions, and make positive changes in society.

Likely, it becomes important for your product, brand to address social issues. You may have noticed that many brands approach social issues as their marketing strategies, some promote positive changes in society.

The brands, the product needs to show concern, positive attitude, towards social issues for the upliftment of society in general, and to attract your GenZ consumers.

influencer marketing campaign

Choose Micro-Influencers for your marketing campaigns –

We all as traditional marketing will go for big names, celebrities but results show otherwise. Micro-influencers drive 60% higher engagement levels and 22.2% more weekly conversions and overall better reach.

The main highlight here is that GenZ can easily relate to these micro-influencers, and this helps to create a better approach for the product, the brand itself. We should be careful about where to invest our money and should go right to micro-influencers.

Check out various types of influencers, understand their work, niche, and choose the perfect one that will suit your brand, and product. Then, go on with your marketing campaigns.

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Their privacy must be your priority –

Privacy is an important segment for GenZ and they're not comfortable with sharing their details. This factor needs to be kept in mind before approaching them.

According to research by NGen, about 88% of Gen Z users agreed with the statement: "Protecting my privacy is very important to me.

This suggests that their privacy is a big deal and you must give attention to it. Make a robust system that can ensure complete privacy, and security so they're to put their trust in you.

And once they engage with your brand & products, keep their privacy as your priority. It will help to form a strong customer base and healthy, positive relationship with GenZ consumers.


Gen Z's purchasing power is going to rise exponentially in upcoming years. Therefore, it's quite important for digital marketers to crack their buying habits and lure them with branding methodologies.

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