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A Beginner’s Guide to Starting a Podcast

Hustle Marketing Published on 08 Sep 2021

Podcasting is a new buzz in recent times. From learning about how things work to telling inspiring stories, and solving crime mysteries, podcasting is taking the world by storm. They are inspiring, engaging and informative.

The podcast is a platform to initiate a change and access audiences worldwide. For Instance, Spotify has gained an important place when it comes to podcasts.

According to Edison research reports 43% of monthly podcast listeners consumed episodes on Spotify, which is why Spotify podcast submission is so important.

Podcasts have become important since there are a large number of people who are more interested in listening rather than watching. This allows a new trend for audiobooks, talk shows, and industry-specific podcasts, and much more.

With podcasts, brands can captivate a strong audience base from various demographics.This beginner’s guide is here to help you with tips for starting your own podcast. Read to find out ten steps to starting a podcast. 

Build your niche - 

What is your strength? Vision? or what you want others to know? Decide your niche and begin working in that direction. But you must see that your podcast is creating an impact.

Your niche will help you to know about the person within the same podcast. This will help you to learn more about how to present, acknowledge and improve overall.


Create your account - 

Create your account for the podcast, you can use Spotify or Apple podcast. Both provide a good reach and you can access audiences worldwide. There will be email verification to know if it's you. After the email verification, there are several steps to make your account more interactive, unique, and engaging.

Your unique profile - 

Your profile must have categories, details that define your work. It's easy to find your podcast this way when anyone searches for similar categories.

You can further subdivide into other primary and additional categories to make your listeners clear about your work. This will bring the right audience to your podcast and you can make a strong audience base.

For eg - Hello Mam Sir Show Podcast, The Dukkan Show and Afternoons with Helen Farmer are some of the popular options to listen. 

Put RSS feed link - 

The RSS feed link is unique to everyone. It’s a URL that websites and podcast listening platforms use to distribute frequently updated information. The podcast directories monitor the feed automatically, no need for regular manual updates. The RSS feed must-have title, cover art, category, language.


Intro and outro with anchor app – 

Intro is about a basic introduction for 30 seconds. It reveals the host, the podcast's name, a brief explanation of the show. And outros are about to send thanks for listening to the podcast.

It’s a kind of gesture to acknowledge the audience and to tell them they matter and are appreciated for listening to the podcast. This way you can resonate with your audience and build your audience base.

Build effective strategies – 

Strategies are necessary for creating your podcast popularity. You can start with a podcast launch event to create buzz among the audience, launch multiple episodes, before launch events, and much more.

You can also think of other strategies good for your podcast. You can also look for another podcast in your niche, and similar to your niche to get better ideas and use them on your podcast.

Episode title and descriptions – 

You can go for an appealing title to attract your audience. Your title must be welcoming to the audience to look for. Episode titles and other customer-facing fields should be within the limit of 20 characters.

You have to describe your episode so as to give a quick idea of what’s inside. It can encourage your audience to listen to your amazing podcast and gain something from it.

Special characters must be HTML coded within podcast titles and descriptions. And the episode length can’t exceed 200MB.


Add more creativity – 

It would be boring if the podcast just has you saying, explaining, and engaging with the audience. You can add some smooth, cheerful music depending on your podcast type.

You can talk about some personal experiences to make it more engaging and others. You can launch a talk show, answer queries through a podcast, and much more.

Just put your own flavor to the podcast and make it more creative, engaging, and appealing to the audience.

Link your website to the podcast – 

If you have a website then you can connect your website with podcasts and can easily release your audio. The same process about the niche, details will follow. You can generate more audience through your podcast, and a diverse audience will reach you.

Share on social media – 

Social media is a unique platform to share and explore audiences. Share your podcast through all social media to build a strong audience. You can make efforts to attract an audience, acknowledge podcasts, and much more. Your social media presence can be used as a powerful tool to direct the audience towards your podcast.

Do you feel like starting your podcast today?

Then get started with the above mentioned tips. It may need your involvement a bit more in the starting but in the long run, podcasts are easy to run and maintain. 

So, before podcast becomes another new normal for marketers just than blogging or social media, begin your podcast journey today. 

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