Guide to AMP

A Guide to AMP in 2021

Marketing Deep Dive Published on 26 Sep 2021

How much does the loading speed of websites matter? Can mobile users have proper access to these websites, articles without waiting? This is a big query solved by AMP.

AMP stands for "Accelerated Mobile Pages" is an open-source coding project created by Google. Its main purpose is to improve the loading time of websites, articles, and others on mobile phones. The AMP helps to load the pages faster on mobile devices. Since most of the users use a mobile device and it became a necessity in these times. Mobile users can have a better and effective reach of resources and can manage to have a view as desktop.

It is possible after the introduction of AMP on October 7, 2015. Since then, it became the greatest asset for websites, pages, articles, and a new revolution in the world of marketing. It gained popularity because of the great vision and support it does for users.

Although, with changing times AMP is questioned on its uses and ability. AMP is losing its shine and it is indicated by Google as their removed its icon from the search bar. This is a big question mark on the significance of AMP in 2021.

AMP has been an important factor in improving the website ranking. Because the speed of websites, pages is an important factor for ranking and AMP indirectly contributes to it.

AMP is highly beneficial for WordPress users who can explore it, and other plugins to reach more audiences and improve their loading speed. AMP is helpful for those who have their traffic from mobile users or whose audience comes from mobile users. But it has various flaws which are recently making way and gaining the attention of marketers.

what is AMP

Here we’re sharing the advantage and disadvantages of AMP for better understanding, and which are as follows: -


  • Improve mobile loading time – AMP is built to fulfill this target and it effectively does this. AMP improves loading time for mobile users which helps them to have better access to resources. Meanwhile, it also helps the website to generate traffic and engagement through mobile users.
  • Useful for WordPress users – WordPress users can use these services, and others plug-ins by Google to optimize the user experience. The user experience serves as an important factor in engagement, traffic, ranking, and much more.


  • Restricts our images, content – AMP improves loading time for mobile users by removing unnecessary images, content, and others. But the question remains that does it always ‘unnecessary’? Sometimes, it may remove something important to the writer and can affect the performance.
  • May restricts sharing options – This happens that the social sharing options on your website may not be visible. Because the majority are developed by JavaScript.
  • Reduces ad revenue – AMP pages show fewer ads. So, on one hand, it adds by increasing loading time but on other hand, it lowers ad which affects the revenue of websites.
  • Question mark for non-WordPress users – It’s is mentioned that WordPress users can explore the full potential of AMP but what about non-WordPress users? Unfortunately, it doesn’t serve well there and is a big problem to make pages with AMP. This problem may be tackled by tech persons so it affects those who want to use it on other articles, pages, and much more.
  • Analytics is a big problem – AMP pages are not able to use proper analytics to know in-depth about their websites, pages, or content. AMP restricts it and became a big problem in analysis which in long run affects websites, their traffic.
  • Not very useful for website traffic – AMP improves loading time for mobile users but it’s a Google server. So, the readers are not directed towards your actual website. So, it may improve your user experience along with hindering your audience, and engagement.
Future of AMP

Future of AMP

Giving a conclusion on the future of AMP is tough. Because Google is trying to push it further to regain its popularity.

Recently, in May 2020 when Google announces its new Page Experience ranking factor, it removed AMP as a condition for top search results. But more or less loading time on mobile is still an important factor for websites.

The new Page Experience ranking factor will focus on the loading page, mobile-friendly URL, better browsing, responsiveness of the website, use of HTTPS, intrusive interstitial guidelines, and other core web vitals.

Accelerated mobile pages

This depicts that the value of AMP is reduced and it's not beneficial for everyone. But you can choose and look forward to what is right for your website, page growth, and others. Depending on your real target, and vision you can choose whether to go for AMP or not. 

We cannot confirm anything regarding the future of AMP so a better choice is to make better decisions for your website, growth, and rest leave to what happens next.

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