FAQ optimisation strategy

How to drive searches with optimized FAQs

Growth Hacks Published on 10 Feb 2022

You must be aware of Google’s Page Ranking system and algorithm? But are you able to optimize your content to fit in? Or you always find yourself dragging and no matter how much you try, something’s left behind.

We’re not promising any scheme or magic spells to rank up, drive searches, and better optimization. But yes, we can indeed help you there.

Google’s PageRank algorithm focuses on optimizing searchers intent, their ease in finding solutions, and relevant content. And your optimized FAQ Page can act as a perfect partner for it.

An optimized FAQ Page is easier to understand by Google, helps to navigate your site, helps in search ranking factor, and much more.

It can be a friendly solution to drive search on your website, boost your ranking, and promote your brand.

Here is how to drive searches for optimized FAQs -

long tail keywords

Identify Long-Tail Terms that might Pop up in Questions 

 The Key to having an optimized FAQ is to understand what type of questions a user can ask? The solution lies in identifying Long Tail Terms or keywords.

How do I create a return request? How many days is it required for Cashback? What’s the specialty of brands? When we search anything don’t, we write very precise long-tail questions?

The same lies as the user will opt for the long-tail term and so you also have to go with the same flow. You may use other relevant, small-tail keywords in answers to make it rank, drive more traffic, and much more.

Precise and relevant answers 

A simple step to attract customers or clients is to provide precise, factual, and relevant answers. Suppose you’re asking about the specialty of the brand, and all you get is what is a brand, how to shop, and followed by. It’s frustrating for the users and they switch to another website. In a competitive environment, it’s necessary to provide what our customers looking for. In this scenario, they need simple, precise answers to their questions.

In case, the answer needs elaboration you can add an internal link to refer to for the blog. So that your rhythm maintains and you can engage your audience.

Structured FAQs section 

A proper format allows things to look structured, perform in a certain order, more flexibility. And this is so true with FAQ Pages. You have a structured FAQ section where you can divide questions into various categories relevant to the user’s intent. It will be easy for users to directly go to the desired content without wasting their time.

You can add a search bar as it will allow customers to be more specific and reach what they’re looking for. It can act as a marker to bring your customers back to your website. So, it’s important to promote a friendly user experience through FAQs.

Deliver informational content

FAQs are the right opportunity to present informational content. The informational content responds to searches constructed as questions or have long-tail terms.

The FAQs have a target to simplify user complications, support them in every possible way. And informational content fulfills that hence it can be effectively used in FAQs.

Proper FAQ pages can help your site to reach the right users and have rich results on search.

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Add reliable links and sources

Suppose you’re reading an informative article and you find it good. But suddenly you’re struck by the question – is it reliable, trustworthy, content is real?

And a maximum of have been there where we question the reliability of the content. But using reliable links, and sources can curb this issue.

Having a reliable source will allow users to built trust in you, your words. They can see you as a reliable, trustworthy source and can rely on your information to make decisions, to solve queries.

Don’t keep your users in the dark so they can have trust and credibility in you, your brand, and your website. No longer need to panic around how to drive searches, boost ranking.

Start with optimizing your FAQ Page, make it user-friendly, communicate openly with customers to boost your website, ranking, and your credibility.

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