Facebook ads vs Google ads

Facebook Ads vs Google Ads - Which is better?

Marketing Deep Dive Published on 06 Oct 2021

The relevance of advertising online has become prominent in the last few years, as there has been a subsequent shift of audience towards online platforms. This attracts marketers to run an online advertisement to reach and understand their audience. But choosing a beneficial platform for your advertisement to reach out to potential customers can be a bit tricky.

Two giants Google Ads and Facebook Ads are often the go-to places for advertisers. Choosing between them is a tiring job because both of them are leading the market.

But which one to choose between them(well both, if you have a golden pony:}) 

Often the prejudice that Google addresses a larger audience can lead to wrong decisions.

According to statistics Google has around 39-41k searches per second at the same time, Facebook has 1.8 billion active users every day. Both these figures are enough to confuse you to get a fair idea about the right platform for you. And taking the decision in rush can affect your marketing level so a deep and better understanding can help you to find the best plan and services.

Prior understanding of how ads work on these platforms is important to arrive at a better decision.

Google Ads:

Google ads are an advertising program that works to attract the right audience to your services. It enables you to have a greater demographic reach and to understand your true audience. They help you to find new customers as well.

The Google ads work in a certain way that keywords typed in the search query, play a crucial role in determining the ads to be shown on the page. This makes advertisers' bid on the keywords. Google then shows ads based on their ranks that further depend on two factors – Quality score and bid.

  • Quality score- determined by relevance, expected click-through rate, traffic handling on the landing page
  • Bid- the amount paid by advertiser per click (CPC- charge per click).

Facebook Ads:

Facebook ads are also a reliable source to target and reach your audience. Facebook has a large community, spread worldwide so this helps to reach the highest audience at a time.

This allows marketers to look out for their target audience among the big population. Hence, the customer finds you.

importance of facebook ads

A better understanding of the audience is gained by their profiles, pages they visit, where they spend their most time and others gives a fair estimate of their preferences. It becomes easy to know the taste of the audience and to show up with those. If they find it useful and interesting then they will pursue more.

This also allows marketers to divert their attention towards potential customers. Further, bid and the quality score is the same as in google ads. All this has given a small idea of how these platforms work.

Now, to know what's right for your company, the product must be studied. To clarify we are sharing some preconditions that help you to opt the best between them. You can check for these conditions and then go on with the right platform.

The preconditions are as follows: -

  • Type of product
  • Intention of advertisement
  • Expense

1. Type of product: -

The product type is one of the important factors in choosing the right platform for your advertisements. The proper Market analysis of a product will provide necessary information on choosing the right platform.

For instance, the product is one-of-a-kind, hence in this situation, google ads have very few chances of being productive. As no search query will have the keyword relating to your product so investing in google ads won’t give, you’re the necessary advantage. In such positions, Facebook ads will be a better bid. So, your product type, their market research is important to understand and choose the right place.

2. Intention of advertisement: -

The intention of advertisement matters before investing your money into these ads. With every company, their intention and motives change so is their strategy. Clarify what’s your intention such as:

  • Creating awareness
  • To increase sales
  • Event promotion
  • Lead acquisition and others.

Facebook is more about scrolling and liking without even noticing the content. The probability that users will look for a product or service is less and hence the objective to increase sales will be affected. In this situation, Google ads will play a more efficient role.

importance of advertisement

On the other hand, objectives like creating a promotion, event promotions, and as such will perform better with Facebook ads. Here the marketer needs to clarify their intention for the purpose of choosing the right platform for their product and services.

3. Expense: -

Expense is always an important factor before reaching out for better platforms. Since Google ads and Facebook ads have different CPCs for different Ads and that could be a decisive factor to choose. 

From a broader perspective, both platforms can be efficient when keeping all factors in mind. Because offer their own advantages but yet this decision is yours so a careful analysis is important. We covered all factors and you know your needs so make a balance between them and opt for a better platform as a marketer.

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