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Empathy is the need of the hour - Mimi Nicklin

People in Focus Published on 31 Aug 2020

The Brand Tribe is excited to be joined by Mimi Nicklin, an author, columnist, talk show host and an Empathetic Influencer.

Mimi Nicklin is the host of the Empathy for Breakfast’ breakfast show as well as the Secrets of The Gap podcast. She is an experienced marketer and communications specialist, and a well known empathetic leader. She is currently the Managing Director and Creative Officer of the global advertising agency, RAPP. 

Mimi is also a passionate Empathetic Influencer,  and has been working across the globe with her clients to drive stand out creative interventions that lead to business and culture change. Her upcoming book -    Softening the Edge, is due for release in September 2020. 


Mimi has brought forward the topic of ‘Empathy’ to the frontlines with her talk show, and through her articles published in many leading publications, and now with her upcoming book.

The pandemic has created new lows in the ecosystem of the business world. The small and mid-segment businesses are the ones affected the most. As a community, we need to create a positive support system to help the businesses bounce back. In light of this, empathy towards our fellow professionals and business owners is the need of the hour. 


Mimi Nicklin - Interview with The Brand Tribe

The Brand Tribe asks Mimi Nicklin to share her insights about the "Growing role of Empathy, post the pandemic" -


1. Hello Mimi, you have been a passionate Empathy Practitioner. Can you please explain what Empathy is, specially in the context of a business. 

Mimi -  At its core empathy is about perspective taking and the ability to understand the context and reality of others. From a business POV, empathy is a data set. It is the ability to make decisions based on the need states and requirements of your teams, clients or partners in a way that is mutually beneficial and profitable, with lower associated risk. 

2. Being more receptive and supportive towards local and young businesses, is the need of the hour in the present times? Please share your thoughts.

Mimi - Our world has been rocked and those without the guardrails and financial support of corporate life will have weathered a far tougher storm. Supporting local businesses that are striving to innovate in the offering and innovation to the market, is not only mutually beneficial and emotionally rewarding, but it is a responsible way to lead us all back to growth, at a pace due to the GDP growth associated with developing an economy of thriving SME's. 

3. What all we can do to help business spring back? 

Mimi -  Listen to each other. The key pillar of empathy is active listening. 

During this time the ability to truly hear and understand the context of others will not only make the journey back to growth faster and more enjoyable but it will improve staff loyalty levels, reduce absenteeism and drive up morale. All are key facets when trying to rebuild business in a still insecure business environment.

Mimi Nicklin - Empathy for Breakfast

4. What made you so passionate about this topic of 'Empathy' ?

Mimi - There were a few key moments but the World Health Organisation data that shows the second biggest killer of our youth (16-24 years old) is suicide was one of them. When our children are killing themselves rather than share their future with us, we have a problem. After 30 years of declining empathy we need an intervention!

5. What gave rise to your book, and what should readers expect to find in it? 

Mimi - The truth is that I never thought about becoming an author until I wrote ‘Softening the Edge’, but once I identified the reach and impact of the Empathy Deficit globally and started to write, I couldn’t stop. I feel that this book wrote me, rather than the other way around. Softening the Edge focuses on something I have been passionate about for my entire career—the sustainable wellness of our workforce, treating people with kindness and decency, and the future of effective leadership that sustainably promotes human values as well as the financial value of every business.

It addresses the Global Empathy Deficit from within our organisations, based on my own experiences leading teams around the world, and inspired by the turnaround story in my current organisation. The book focuses on the point where humanism and capitalism meet and is a passionate propagator of my own ‘principles of people’ that I practice every day. The goal is to create a wider understanding that the world of leadership and business is critically responsible for playing a role in protecting and improving our social future. Especially post the crisis that together we are currently recovering from. We now see aA future that demands more social cohesion and connectedness within our organisations than ever before.


6. Creative officer, author, talk show host, podcast host, columnist - how do you manage so many roles so brilliantly?

Mimi - Ahh, thank you for such a kind question. I think the answer lies in passion. Every day I wake up wanting to connect with just one person and open their minds to the power of empathy to impact our organisations and communities. If I do that, nothing seems insurmountable, and so far I have had 5 months straight when this has happened. That fuels me every day to keep the momentum going. 


Thanks Mimi for sharing your wonderful insights.  You can know more about her here -


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