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Top E-Commerce Website Trends to Follow in 2020

In Focus Published on 14 Oct 2020

Learn the evolving E-commerce website trends of 2020 and how one can orchestrate their website creation. Mr. Puneet Sakhuja, Founder of digital agency Code&Co and a creative web consultant, shares some amazing insights for E-commerce website trends. 

The E-commerce category is one of the most prosperous industries today.  Especially, post covid there has been an immense ascend in the growth of the category.  

The popularity of a business, based primarily on a single touchpoint of online experience, is dependent on the user journey. It would be best if you aimed to design a website that has a seamless navigation flow without any disruption. Many other factors heavily influence your website as well and Mr. Puneet Sakhuja, takes us through them. 

Read on to familiarize yourself with all the amazing trends, to create not just a stunning website, but which engages and navigates the consumer towards the marketing objectives too. 


Here are few tips for creating a user-friendly website - 

The website should be very clear and transparent 

It should inform users beforehand how much their total cost would be for the products they have added to the cart. Many sites wouldn’t show your total bill till the last stage of the checkout, where they add more costs like shipping, which can surprise the user. Always be transparent and clear from the start.

It should always follow up with a user when they have abandoned their cart

For any reason, if a user has placed items in their cart and is not checked out, the website should send a friendly email reminding the users they need to check out. Sites can even go further and offer discount codes to users to increase their motivation to checkout.

The language and content of the website should be engaging 

This makes the user feels comfortable. Use copy, which is easy to understand and has a friendly tone to make the user feel necessary and in control.

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Your site should have, at the very least, the necessary features for your product listing

These include sorting and filtering, categorizing products, high-resolution photos, and the ability to zoom into the images. The more you can cater to these needs, the better your site will be.

ecommerce design trends

Top Trends in Digital Space -

We are seeing new trends every other day, but there seem to be a few that look like they are not planning to go anywhere.

3D Elements -

The use of 3D elements on websites, social media, and videos is on the rise. These 3D elements are here for a good reason. They give a friendly and semi-realistic approach to your message. They are rising faster than ever, as you’ll find them on many websites and apps.

Realistic Imagery -

Another rising trend is using realistic images rather than stock images. We are at a stage where we aim to connect emotionally with the users, and using realistic photos helps to do that compared to traditional stock images.

Minimal design -

People are going back to the basics by adopting minimal design. Companies want users to complete their tasks in as few clicks as possible. This means using the concept of “Less is more” and removing clutter to achieve a clean and minimal design.

Mobile-friendly Approach -

Another thing which is on the rise is a mobile-friendly approach. Users are browsing and using their phones more than ever, and it’s essential to design based on the mobile-first approach to ensure a good User experience for mobile users.

Video Content -

I think another thing that’s always on the rise is video. People are watching more videos than ever. Especially with the introduction of TikTok and Instagram Reels, the video trend only seems to be going upwards. Get on the boat before it gets saturated.

Personalised Emailing -

Lastly, I believe that personalized email will create a big boom. Gone are the days where generic emails will get you something. It’s all about being as personal as you can with your audience. If someone leaves your site after adding items to a cart, you can send a follow-up email as a reminder for them to get back to their task and proceed to the checkout.

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