Digital Transformation

How Digital Transformation can transform your Business?

Marketing Deep Dive Published on 09 Apr 2021

The rapid increase in internet usage over the years has made businesses adopt modern technologies that not only cater to the needs of their customers but also challenge the current business model, experiment, and get comfortable with failure.

This is how Digital Transformation came into the picture. It is basically the integration of digital technology to all areas of business.

It is a radical rethinking on using technology in the most effective & efficient manner. Let's say for HR professionals digital transformations can help in analyzing the employee’s records and tracking productivity. In such a way digital transformation has paved the way for marketing efforts. 

Today, we can easily understand the changing marketing dynamics and how marketers respond to such changes.

How Digital Transformation can transform your Business?

We have been experiencing digital transformation for years. It is about understanding technology and then applying and integrating it into our everyday work and lives. Digital transformation is usually looked at as a whole for how it is affecting business.

For example, Brands like Amazon and Airbnb use it for understanding their customer data and to get deeper insights and improve their customer journey.

Importance of Digital Transformation

Analyzing the digital channels-

The first and foremost step is analyzing your digital channels and to assess their value and performance. With the help of digital analytics, you can understand the behavior and needs of the customers and in-depth recommendations to improve performance and productivity.

Answer these questions for yourself-

  • Are we able to achieve our short-term goal?
  • What are the better options we can provide?

You need to take a lot at all digital strategies, social media handles, customer databases, and analytical platforms to leverage and analyze your performance.

Breaking the silos-

Effective communication will reduce bottlenecks and boost your marketing efforts. You need to break the silos as it leads to inconsistent customer experience and cannibalization within the organization. It’s nothing but a waste of your marketing efforts if any of your two products are competing with one another within the same market.

As a marketer one should take care of providing a holistic view of the organization to your customers.

Interaction with the customer-

It’s easy to interact with customers via social media. Social media allows you to interact with the customer through Q/A round, live sessions, feedback and responses, and tailoring to the customer need every time. 

Digital transformation helps in interacting with individual customers and to access and track the actions and behavior of the customers in a personalized manner and then collaborating and putting marketing efforts towards it.

Digital Funnel

The digital funnel-

Digital transformation has influenced the funnel which is a multi-stage journey that results in the actual purchase.  Now, marketers can take control over each stage by using analytics. Thus, it will save time and effort in targeting the potential customer which can influence the purchase decision.

A digital funnel enhances the flexibility of the marketers as they can easily try and test a strategy and if doesn't work out they can turn it down.

Optimizing the customer journey-

Digital transformation can help in optimizing the customer journey through improved strategy and experience of the customer with your company.

Digital transformation has helped in connecting and mapping customer interactions, across multiple touchpoints, to influence the overall experience. A “Call to action” button will direct the customer what he/she needs to do next. A highly satisfied customer will surely return to your organization and drive customer loyalty.

The final take

Data is the king and no one can deny this fact anymore. Digital transformation has evolved marketing in almost every spectrum which has helped the organization to tackle the new challenges and grow in the long run.

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