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5 Stages of a Digital Marketing Strategy

Hustle Marketing Published on 22 Nov 2020

The evolution of digital marketing has changed the landscape of marketing. From traditional marketing channels like print, tv, and billboards it has widened its horizons through many more modern marketing channels like websites, social media, search engines, etc. 

So why has digital marketing become like a buzzword? Why do marketing firms consider digital marketing the ultimate tool to connect with customers? How to implement digital marketing when it is confusing with a lot of tools and methods available in the market today?

Digital marketing is a simple way to optimize your business by investing less amount of capital. It benefits you in many ways, a greater engagement with many different companies and brands at the same time a lot of interaction with your customers so you can provide them with the best products. With this, customers get to choose for themselves either to join in or not making it less intrusive. Marketing also becomes easier when you can simply share your content on a website online or make use of social media to know what people need and let people know what you want. 

Digital Marketing levels the playing field where all brands get easy and direct access to different people and their regular feedback. 

Digital Marketing Growth

There are many variables that influence the success of your marketing campaigns that can change dramatically from business to business. One man's trash is another man's treasure.

Campaigns that don’t work for some companies can do wonders for others. Understanding the digital marketing cycle and its stages are the key to successfully launching campaigns and improving them over time.

You will connect with customers and eventually realize higher revenue and ROI. On top of that, you can gain a competitive edge over other brands, as you earn people’s trust, and increase conversions.

When implemented correctly, these five stages will let you track your customer’s journey and custom tailor your offerings to their behavior, and increase customer actions.


Setup Stage 

The goal of this stage is to understand your target demographic and analyze their touchpoints. This will help you plan your content strategy, with defined objectives.

Start with taking an in-depth look at your digital media channels and create an online environment to gain followers and kick start brand mentions. The focus should be on analyzing the digital footprint of your brand to increase touch-points and interactions with customers.

As you assess and strategize, it should be made sure that your campaign adds value to those who will stumble upon it.

Traction Stage

The concept for this stage is simple. Once you are clear with your goals, strategies, and set up, you have to develop a plan to build momentum for your campaign. In order to build a digital marketing campaign, you should use the information collected in step one through various touch-points and convert it into conversation touch-points.

The way to develop the momentum of a campaign is to optimize your digital media to gain maximum traction so that you start gaining new sales and members.

During this stage, it is very important to focus on building a relationship with customers. You should aim for maximum engagement and conversations that will lead to success.

Be sure to collect as much data as possible in form of feedbacks and keep track of it. You should know what leads your target audience to engage with you and achieve satisfaction with your service so that you retain members and your brand gain more mentions.

Positioning Stage

In this stage, you should look at how digital marketing strategies have been performing by tracking your conversion points. You should be able to gain positions on search engines and gain leadership by developing brand loyalty.

By measuring the success of your current strategies, you will be able to define the performing strategies and where you can improve upon them.

This will allow you to increase impact and conversions, and enable new sales revenue.

Online Marketing

Expansion Stage

In this stage, you should secure a consistent stream of revenue by becoming an opinion leader and achieving brand power. 

The world of digital marketing is dynamic and ever-changing with new tools and technologies. It is vital to be adaptable in your strategy to
stay ahead of your competition. 

Stay open-minded to growth and expansion. Be adaptable and flexible to leave your comfort zone.

Viral Growth (Future)

In this stage of your digital campaign, you have enough data to define your success and what led to the conversions.

You should expand networks and connections exponentially through fan/follower and influencer networks and multiple social communities.

Therefore, your network expansion depends on the setup of media channels (traditional advertising, online, social, mobile) and their synergies with each other. With the right strategy and effective implementation, it will become a successful campaign and will achieve a self-generating revenue system and exponential viral growth. 

The goal is to convert your network of touchpoints to actions, that support your brand’s vision and campaign objectives.


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