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Creating a Niche Segment with Urban Quill

An Entrepreneur Life Published on 13 Oct 2020

This happened on an uneventful day watching an episode of Shark Tank, sparking the idea for a greeting cards App. 

Handwritten, artisan cards delivered to the recipients doorstep. 

Just like with any other business idea this pumped up excitement and soon a small idea grew into a room stocked with products tapping into the Dubai gifting community. It's not the usual run-of-the-mill flowers or bears.

The idea was to create a gifting experience that delivers gifts that are personal to the recipient , making each box as unique as the receiver.

Finding a niche market

The Urban Quill Gift Studio has become an integral part of the Dubai online gifting community, where customers can pick and choose their items to create something truly special, without the hassle of mall parking and multiple shop frenzy.

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These gifts are packaged and wrapped in our signature boxes along with a hand-written card and delivered to the recipients on the requested date. 

Dolly Shevakramani

The Founder - Dolly Shevakramani On Her Vision 

Urban Quill, the Gift Shop was launched in November 2019. It’s been 9 months and we are constantly evolving. We want to make gifting real, personal and fun, without the hassles. 

We already have plenty of options!

Till  now the online gifting had become rather impersonal with standard, mass-produced options such as fruit baskets, flowers, chocolates  etc. At Urban Quill, we aim to create real connections among real people. 

We are setting ourselves apart not just through the options to choose from that are practical and aesthetic, but offering customer service that’s a notch above the rest. If our customers are unhappy with their purchase we offer a full refund- not that its ever happened! 

We firmly believe that one rises by lifting others and are extremely proud of partnering with several local brands along with many of our favourite international brands to bring a one-stop gifting solution offering high-end luxury products ranging from masks to chocolates to homeware. 

The Journey Towards Finding a Niche Market 

We didn’t start off with a gift company and creating a niche market strategy was not that simple.

In 2018 Urban Quill was a greeting card company- collaborating with illustrators showcasing some of the funkiest designs. Some time down the road, we expanded on that idea into gift boxes.

We have broadened our horizon and are changing constantly to adapt to the extremely fluid market, keeping our customer needs central. 

Competitive Struggle For Creating Niche Segment 

Can you really expect no competition in today’s industry? 

The only road to evolution is through competition.  There are some key players and some new every day. But that's what keeps us afloat and inspired. 


Tips for Female Entrepreneurs 

My top tip would be to stay focused! Take help. Learn. Join groups led by fellow entrepreneurs and other experts. I’ve found so much advice and support on these platforms. 

Another tip would be to create your own pace. The magic of being an entrepreneur is that you can set your speed. Don’t compare yourself to others, unless it motivates you. 

The third tip will be to stop cracking a niche segment as female entrepreneurs keep on trying it. Don’t do that. 

Things can get overwhelming.  Take some time out. Success might be slow but perseverance will see you through. 

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