Color Psychology in Branding

How does Color Psychology play an important role in Branding?

Just In Published on 12 Aug 2021

Colors are a way to express our inside feelings, emotions, way of decoration, beautifying, and much more. Remember, the color you want when you were going out with someone, the color you choose while sporting, and the colors you choose in different moods. How everywhere the color of our dress expresses, the color we choose to express something crucial.

In every aspect of life, you will see yourselves choosing colors as per the event, mood, and much more. And sometimes you know you remember a brand, a shop, a product more by its color rather than what's written on it. As color becomes a symbol to depict things, identity, and much more. Keeping this consideration, we will like you to pay attention to how color psychology plays an important role in branding.

Color psychology isn't about choosing vaguely but it's a conscious effort to look out for our customers. We may not notice but colors impact our branding. It helps customers to associate one color with something as this color suggests that the brand is pure, of high quality, trustworthy.

 Because Colors attach to emotions and feelings so it's likely to provoke positive feelings for the product, and thus helps in branding.

color psychology

Research shows that the proper use of color increases brand recognition by 80%. It also raises the visual appearance by 93%. A further 85% of consumers buy because of color. The look and feel of a product affects 93% of the buying decision.

Colors psychology is all about that how color affects our perception and behavior. And this is highly beneficial for marketers. Colors acts as a symbol of trust, honesty, and purity because this perception will affect consumers' behavior towards the product.

Although how one symbolizes a color is an independent factor yet going with a common norm is beneficial in branding. Once consumers believe in your words then you will rise in your product, business, and much more.

The color not only depicts its outward style but it also cherishes the internal characteristic and this factor is likely to the positive image of the product, brand in the market. It allows people to choose your products, brand with no conflict given that you maintain quality, purity, and authenticity.

Meaning of colors

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What is the meaning of different colors?


Red is the color that catches the attention of the customer. It depicts passion, energy, action, danger, and excitement. For instance - The websites show a red button on purchase, order now so to energize customers into purchasing.

Check below images -

Kids Toys
Button in Red

This is one of the sites using "Play Now" button in Red color. 


Blue color holds an important meaning which is very catchy for customers. It depicts stability, harmony, peace, calm, and trust. These are very crucial things which a customer sees in a brand that how stable the product is and much more. This allows customers to have similar feelings for our product and brand.


Brand Finance


As the color symbolizes purity, cleanliness, and much more. When it is used for branding this color depicts that the product is pure and can be used.

Spa white


In the branding world, black color is seen as a symbol of professionalism, seriousness. It creates a big picture that the product and company also carry these characteristics and customers are bound to take it more seriously. It looks like a more elegant, decent product to use.

Apple logo


Yellow color shows friendliness, openness, and cheer. The company uses it to show customers that we share healthy, friendly relations and you matter to us. This allows customers to generate trust in the business or the product.


The Green color comes from the environment so it symbols growth, healing, and positivity. This allows customers to see the product as appropriate for their needs without having any conflict. It also portrays health, relaxation, and much more.

Skincare products

These are few basic colors there are much more than this to color psychology.

There are other factors that are necessary while choosing a brand color. The vision, intention of the brand, the image it wants to make in the market. And using color according to this helps to strengthen the customer's trust.

The consistency in the color pattern also helps businesses to have a particular image in the long run. And further keeping check on all factors that influence marketing and branding is necessary to ensure proper growth of the business, product, and brand.

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