25 Mar 2021 Editor’s Pick

Importance of Public Relations in Marketing

There's long been confusion between advertising, marketing, and public relations, so it's worthwhile taking a moment here to explain the differences, and why PR is vital.

28 Feb 2021 Editor’s Pick

Top 5 Tips for Taking Your Brand Across Borders

Brands need to invest in research to create a strong foundation before deciding to take the jump into the deep end of the world's growing marketplaces. Learn top 5 factors for a su...

21 Jan 2021 Editor’s Pick

Digital marketing for luxury brands – Smart Strategies to Follow

Digital marketing is playing an increasingly important role in the success (or failure) of businesses in each and every online advertising sector. Read this blog to know about key...

04 Jan 2021 Editor’s Pick

Artificial Intelligence in Marketing - An Uprising Trend

Brands incorporate AI in their business and marketing strategies to gain benefits like cost reductions and better management. Learn how AI has become an uprising trend in marketing

30 Sep 2020 Editor’s Pick

Growth of YouTube in the Middle East

YouTube has seen a tremendous growth from its inception and become popular among millenials in Middle East. Read this article to know about growth of Youtube video platform in MENA...

10 Aug 2020 Editor’s Pick

Facebook Ban: A Societal Challenge for The Social Media Giant

Read this article to know why brands have decided not to advertise on Facebook because of hate speeches and how ban has impacted the social media giant