Beenish Batool Haider

Meet Beenish Batool Haider – An Epitome of Confidence

People in Focus Published on 30 Mar 2021

#WomenforWomen - To celebrate the invincible spirit of womanhood with a special Bosslady Beenish Batool Haider from the eyes of another strong woman, Saara Ali. This is what The Brand Tribe aims to bring together - a Tribe to support and strengthen each other.

When you meet Beenish Batool Haider, you immediately feel like you’re in the presence of someone really worth knowing. She speaks with confidence and certainty and overflows with experience.

I met Beenish through a family friend in the pursuit of networking with people in the legal profession like myself. Six months down the line and not a day goes by that I’m not impressed by her hustle, determination, dedication, and sheer driving force. She has excelled in almost every situation she has been in and does it in style and with conviction.

In an attempt to understand the mind and the experience that went into this phenomenal lady, I decided that she would be the perfect feature for women’s day.

Early Days

When asked about her background, Beenish takes us back to her schooling days. She recounts how towards the end of high school in Lahore, Pakistan, she felt that there must be more to life than just school.

Honoring that feeling, she visited the nearest low-income neighborhood and asked them how she could help and what they needed. They often needed something of material: a carpet, a table, and she’d find a way to source it. As time went by, she grew curious and wanted to explore options on how she could be of greater help to these people.

She found that the children from the neighborhood were being educated and traced the school to an NGO called the “Door of Awareness” where she became involved, became their youth president, and founded an independent sponsorship program that would work on autopilot and not simply be reliant on lump sums of money being donated at irregular intervals.


Beenish went on to complete an LLB from the University of London where she was at the top of her class.

Some of her biggest achievements include: working at the United Nations Office of Drugs and Crime (UNODC) in Vienna battling human trafficking, completing a virtual degree in journalism, being hired as the youngest associate ever at a top Corporate Firm, Hassan and Hassan Advocates (H&H) in Lahore, Pakistan and working under a former judge of the Supreme Court of Pakistan.

Trailblazers and Gut Feelings

In 2015, she moved to Dubai in the United Arab Emirates. Along with what often comes with a move, she would need to prove herself in a brand-new environment.

Within two weeks of applying to jobs, she was hired at The Legal Group. Within 6 months, she was promoted to Senior Associate. Within a year and a half, she was promoted to Head of Corporate and Commercial.

Evidently, it does not take long for anyone to notice that this woman is a true trailblazer. She continued being the Head of Corporate for three years. It was in the wake of the Pandemic in 2020, that a lot of her team could not be present due to various personal reasons, that she realized her true power.

Following a gut feeling, Beenish decided to leave the Firm with no alternate plan. Beenish expands on her sixth sense and how she used to question it at the beginning, but with time has realized the importance of it and has tried to develop it, nurture it, rely on it and even be led by it.

Within a day of her resignation, she was offered two high-paying jobs and with declining both of the offers, she realized that she did not want to go back to being an employee.

It was a week later that it occurred to her that she wanted to create a workplace of her own, a place of belonging for those who were a part of it.

She continues to explain that a lot of people start their own businesses intending to be their own bosses, but she wanted her company to be her boss. “I wanted a company that earned for me and not one that I earned for,” she explains. “I have trained myself to be accountable.

A company needs to earn for the people not the people earning for their company.”

Business Model

Six months into the birth of Lex Consortia, a Dubai-based legal consultancy, co-founded by Beenish, the consultancy has never recorded a loss and is only growing despite the pandemic.

Beenish enjoys working with her own style, being independent, having no limit to the consultancy’s agility and innovation, and to discovering her own abilities. Her advice to fellow entrepreneurs includes:

  • Take calculated risks
  • Have your savings ready
  • Do not eat out of your company
  • Be accountable to your company – you are working for your company and it is not your company working for you
  • Be resilient

Her tips on a business model include:

  • Ensure your own backup
  • Make it lean
  •  Let your business be sustainable on its own and be able to be on autopilot
  • Have savings for its own growth
Life hustles

On the hustle and on life

A trait that characterizes Beenish is her ability to take initiative and move quickly: her hustle game is switched way on. When I ask about it, she explains, “I wasn’t just someone who hustled, I would speak and act. I would also speak and then not always want to act on it, but I wanted to be someone who acted on my word.”

She elaborates on credibility and on life: “you get to a certain point in life where you don’t have to speak, your actions speak for themselves.”

She expands on this very valuable point, “You don’t need a thousand people surrounding you. You are surrounded by the right people, because life has sifted through them and you will end up doing more, speaking less, and letting your actions lead you. Life, for me, has to come to that condensed version, why not start with that?

I believe in learning from other people’s experiences, not just about learning from my own. There is no need to waste time when there are good experiences around you to learn from. There is always a trend of trending. Whatever is trending will diminish. Whatever is trending changes but there is always a trend behind what is trending, Ultimately, the major trend will backlash, people will realize that there is a right way to use things.

Once you understand the trend, you can easily step back and realize that if you have to do it ultimately, why not do it now. You ask yourself – Do I really need to experience it all or can I just get to that condensed version. A big part of that has to do with being content.”

Aptly put, and simply a glimpse of the rich experiences Beenish has lived and the larger than life person that she is.

Author Bio - 

Saara is a lawyer and writer based out of Dubai. She started writing in 2011 after spending time in Kibaha, Tanzania where she was moved to share the amazing work of the foundation she was working with. Her work has evolved and reveals her love for human connection, potential, and the power of the written and spoken word. She loves to travel and has lived in the Democratic Republic of the Congo, South Africa, the United Kingdom, Canada, and now the United Arab Emirates. While fascinated by new cultures and languages, she is especially intrigued by the universal truths that bind us all.

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