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Augmenting User Experience Through AR

In Focus Published on 17 Aug 2020

Imagine this: You go to a museum and instead of looking at artefacts, you can talk to your revered historical figure just by opening an app and he or she will appear & explain the history behind the artefact.

This may sound like something from a sci-fi movie but this can become our reality in the near future. Augmented Reality is a tool which has the power to bring a paradigm shift in consumer interaction.

Shaping the world of Marketing through AR

Augmented Reality (AR) has been the talk of the town for quite some time now but its full potential has yet to unfold. PwC estimates that Augmented Reality & Virtual Reality will add $4.1Billion to the UAE’s economy by 2030. 

AR has the ability to improve the real-world situation by combining its tech with instant messaging and mobile applications. AR has been seeing a surge in its usage across categories, because of its varied benefits.  It has been widely used by brands and agencies to showcase their products creatively to increase engagement with their customers. It has the ability to fascinate and intrigue consumers which makes it an appealing way of catching their eye.

It surely elevates their user experience, with augmented reality. And above all it definitely creates a unique selling point for the brand. 

Snapchat has been utilizing the potential of AR, in varied brand promotions and collaborations recently. Here are few of them: 

COVID-19 Solidarity Response Fund

Snapchat launched a new AR lens in partnership with the United Nation’s COVID-19 Solidarity Response Fund to raise funds for the World Health Organisation (WHO) in order to tackle the COVID-19 pandemic.



Snapchatters can scan real-life objects to unlock a unique AR experience. When a user taps on the Snapchat camera and views AED 10/ SAR 10 note, an AR experience will pop up to show how a potential donation to WHO can help them fight the pandemic.

GUCCI Try-on Shoes

Gucci became the first global brand to launch a try-on lens for their shoes in collaboration with Snapchat. Four styles of shoes can be tried using this lens: Gucci Ace, Gucci Rhyton, Gucci Tennis 1977 & Gucci Screener.


According to Snap Inc., the lens is currently available in the US, UK, UAE, Saudi Arabia, Japan, France & Italy.

NESCAFÉ Gold Origins 

Nestlé Middle East collaborated with Snapchat to launch their new premium coffee, NESCAFÉ Gold Origins, using Snap Ads and Filter & AR Lens. The idea was to enhance the coffee drinking experience and give users a relaxing ambience. Using AR Lens, the coffee was placed on the balcony table with a view of the jungle.



The results of the campaign reached over the top expectations. The ad reached to 7.56 million unique Snapchatters which showed an uplift of brand awareness & ad awareness by 7 & 11 percentage points, respectively. The average playtime was observed at 37.53 seconds with 4.89% share rate.

“Working very closely with our media agency, creative agency and the Snapchat team at an early stage of the campaign planning process ensured that we have a cohesive plan set in place, which includes the proper mix of media assets (such as Snap Ads, Filters and Lenses) that will drive and impact brand metrics. Leveraging the AR aspect through the Lens feature also gave the creative aspect an edge, as it allowed us to really bring the different sensorial experiences of each variant to life.” Tala Abdeen, Brand Manager, Nestlé Middle East.

User Experience

Various studies have shown that there is a gap in combining Mobile AR designs with a quality experience for the users. 

Although more research may be required as AR is still evolving, initial studies show that more work needs to be done to enhance outdoor user experience. 

Real-time adaption is another concerning issue when it comes to AR as not everyone can easily understand how to adapt to the technology.

Shaping the Future:

AR is shaping the consumer experience for a number of industries. Charlie Fink (AR pioneer and Forbes columnist) says that very soon the world will be “painted with data” thanks to AR. From product visualization to try-on simulations, AR can change the way we see the world.


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