fixed about growth

Are You 'Fixed About Growth' ?

Naheed Inspires Published on 04 Oct 2020
fixed about growth

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Do you know what change means?

The only thing constant in life is “Change”. We all know this. But how ready are we for the change?

We talk about growth mindset. But is it possible to develop one if I am “fixed” about having a “growth” mindset. 

When we decide upon something, our mind forms the scenarios of “how” it will be and what it will look and feel like. This creates a pre-conditioned mindset which makes us accept change “only” in the form that we have “thought” about.

Importance of change

Flexibility is not accepting the change but adapting, anticipating and embracing the change in whatever form it comes. 

A lot of organisations struggle with “change management”. I have even witnessed this struggle at various levels. And the major reason behind it was their “idea” of what the change will look like, feel like and be like.

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We can and should predict the “change” but we should be flexible to accept that it may or may not be the way we have anticipated it.

Anticipation also has limitations!!

And these limitations are in the disguise of “growth options”.

When we give options to ourselves we are operating from our own perceived limited view and knowledge. Our options should be anything and everything that we can try and should try. There’s no right way or wrong with way of doing anything.

Perceptions create judgements and more often than not we do that unconsciously.

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