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5 App Store Optimization Trends to follow in 2021

Marketing Deep Dive Published on 24 Jul 2021

Unexpected strike of pandemic upon masses life has substantially increased the inclination of the crowd towards the mobile lifestyle. Also, the number of apps available on app stores is experiencing a spike-like never before.

As quoted by, by the third quarter of 2020 apps count was nearly 2.87million for android users and 1.96 million for apple users.

Even if one tries to find their app on the app store it would be like a needle in hay (or cooper in see what I did there :)). Hence the role of app store optimization is becoming more prominent every passing day.

Before peeking into the new trends of app store optimization, now first understand the concept of app store optimization.

What is App store optimization?

App store optimization (ASO) name is self-explanatory. Like search engine optimisation strategy is for the website traffic, ASO is a process of improvising your app rank on app store search results to make it discoverable to the potential customer who is further increasing the number of organic downloads and traffic on your app that is your end goal.

Why ASO?

App marketers have been devising different methods to publicize their apps as advertising on various platforms however, the fact remains that according to Forrester,63% of the apps come to light through app store searches only.

Which takes us to our original question WHY ASO?

It’s simple ASO acts like that google map without which you would be lost (my analogy skills aren’t that great). Don’t be down already because the good news is that the rate of increase in the number of a publisher using ASO is way behind the rate of increase of apps.

ASO would be your visibility clove. Investing time in this will never disappoint you.

App store optimisation

ASO factors

So which part of your app affects its visibility and how to optimize it. Principal ASO factors:

Title - or opportunity which title implies a job search app; the answer is obvious that’s how the title of any app title brings out the difference in the visibility of an app.

A title having keywords that are mostly searched on the app store will have higher ranks than the one with some complex or fancy names. Moral? Spend some more time to research on the title before launching the app, also sometimes after for better performance.

On the flip side frequently changing the name of your app can have some detrimental effects. Once you cross a threshold of the number of downloads the news of your app will spread through word of mouth that on contrary makes it difficult and problematic to change the title.


It is requisite to know the relevant keywords used by the potential customer to search for the apps providing the same functionality as yours.


Keyword metadata helps your app get located through search and related content.


The subtitle is another chance for your app to be more descriptive regarding your content. The number of alphabets available for the title is limited hence subtitles can be used to introduce the description left out from the title.

App review and rating-

Everyone knows it, the higher the rating more the traffic. For any app ratings and reviews are highly important, not only do they attract the crowd towards your app but they elevate your app ranking as well.

Ratings also affect conversions; hence your app should connect to the user to leave ratings if they liked it and that should be done within the first 72 hours of downloading because most of the users (about 77%) will be using the app for this long only.

No. of downloads-

Both apple and Google’s app store uses the number of downloads on an app to determine its rating. To be precise it is the current download rate of an app that decides for example.

Suppose an app has about 500k downloads but a newer app has a good rate of conversion in past one month then the new app will be given a higher ranking in a nutshell you just don’t have to win you have to keep winning. Screenshots and videos can help in converting indecisive users.

Now that we have gone through how does ASO works we can now discuss some trends to follow for a good ASO.

1. Buckle up for a lifestyle running on mobile

With the restriction on travel all around the world, a limited amount of outdoor entertainment available and work is from home most of the time mobile has rather become an indivisible part of our daily lifestyle.

People are now using apps to shop for clothes, grocery, booking appointments, learning stuff even for exercise. This movement towards the mobile lifestyle has been continuing for many years but the current pandemic has inflated the pace of this transfer.

This prominent change will obviously lead to an increase in the number of apps which is further going to elevate the saturated app marketplace.

If you want your app to strive and protrude among others it is now of great importance to implement a good digital marketing strategy that can aid your app in being located easily, have a good user acquisition, and most importantly engagement of more users.

2. Get set for unpredictability-

As people are engaging in 2021 it will be highly normal to see new trends and spikes for a particular type of apps which is an imperative point app marketer should keep in mind.

Your app should always be ready for influxes in traffic at any time and can mitigate increased drop-offs, too. For instance, suppose there is a sudden rise in the number of users looking for the functionality provided by your app, you should certainly not miss such chances and have a go-ahead plan for your app to stand-out and avail a higher ranking in the app store to be easily discoverable to your potential users.

To achieve that you should have a continuous focus on keyword optimization also a good ASO to ensure that your app will be getting a good position in most of the keyword searches.

Below are the screenshots are taken from the google play store of the app (Home Workout)

Google play store

It can be seen that it contains the keywords necessary to give it a good ranking.

Also, the photos and videos of the UI of the app intrigue the customer to download it.

You should also be attentive towards the smooth working of your app and that it provides clarity and easy access, a complex onboarding process can increase the no. Of users opting out of your app which is something, you would want at least.

So, it is always advisable to keep your app ready for the naivest user you can expect.

3. UI/UX optimization:

With the rapid increase in the number of apps in the app store user’s expectations from an app, they are using also increases. Your app needs to have an easy-going user experience.

To start with you have to think about the onboarding experience of the user to decrease the number of drop-offs. If the user will feel that the app is asking for too much personal information or just too many questions people are likely to uninstall it.

It is also important to connect with the user even before they sign up for instance many apps give their users a quick walkthrough to their apps functioning before, they sign up which provides their users an informative and delightful experience.

MyFitnessPal is a great example to explain the point as they give their user a precap of the feel and key features of their app before even, they sign up.

Below are some screenshots of the app taken - Source

Mobile app trends

The channel through which you are communicating to the user is of high importance as well. Suppose if you have a mobile web presence you should direct your users to the app where the conversion rate is higher.

A nice way to do it can be through smart banners which will detect whether the app is installed on your system or not if not, it will direct you to the app store listing your app if the app is already there on your system it will simply redirect you to the app.

4. The data-transparency:

With increasing awareness among the crowd regarding data usage being data transparent is now like a compulsion for big tech companies.

Third-party tools to advertise mostly rely on IDFA (identifier for advertisers) for collecting data. With Apple’s depreciation of the IDFA, there will be a need to search for other ways to collect data ahead of its depreciation.

There are other ways to collect data but you may also have to re-evaluate the growth-metrics you track.

Mostly mobile apps relied on the metrics such as cost per install, using new and advanced metrics such as cost per acquisition may be helpful to achieve a clear picture by using less precise data.

5. Being consumer-centric:

Building a relationship with your customers always proves to be fruitful. At the time of such crisis and pandemic humour and empathy can go a long way. Messages and logos that can have your user to feel a personal connection to the app can decrease the drop off rate.

Having customized notifications with the user name is more effective than you can imagine (People become more attentive and interested when they hear their names). Such measures can build loyal customers.

These are the trends you should look out for in 2021 to stay ahead in your game. An important point to keep in mind is to regularly study app stores ranking policy and process your ASO according to that.

Thank you for reading !!

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