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All you need to know about Metaverse

Marketing Deep Dive Published on 28 Jan 2022

What if I tell you that a virtual world is waiting for you where you can meet your friends, go to concerts, organize games, and that too with real-life experience? Yes, you got it right. So, pace yourself to experience the ride of the metaverse. 

Metaverse has its origins in the 1992 science fiction novel Snow Crash as a portmanteau of "meta" and "universe”. The metaverse is a social sphere where you will meet people through personalized avatars that makes it more realistic.

Metaverse is a next-generation version of the internet where via a digital avatar you can explore through digital platforms rife with entertainment venues, workplaces, retail stores, and dozens of other cyber-locations. 

So, plan your birthday party in the digital world where you can explore one place to another with your digital avatars just by sitting at home. How amazing it is, Isn't it?

Benefits of Metaverse-

  • Better technological options- With more technological advancement and upgradation we can conserve our depleting resources. By giving us new and often more efficient ways to achieve our goals, with Metaverse we can achieve sustainability.
  • Creating New possibilities - With the rapid technology development more and more people will be able to experience new possibilities associated with metaverse irrespective of wealth. Providing a one-stop solution for a virtual playground. 
  • Enhancing affordability of experiences- Metaverse will provide new experiences to people with limited resources and open the doors of a high-quality virtual world. 
Metaverse and Marketing

Metaverse and Marketing-

Transition in marketing is nothing new. From watching TV ads to streaming online videos the sphere of marketing has changed in the blink of an eye and that too metaverse is the talk of the town. Its new, and faster connections exponentially support the growing environment. 

Today, most marketers want to target Millennials and Gen X up-to-date and engaged with their products and technologies. Metaverse has opened a wide range of technological options which help them in targeting these audiences in a new way. 

Even Gucci also got the game on. The Verge reports that the luxury brand released an exclusive digital pair of sneakers in March 2021 it launched a luxury digital pair of signatures that “can be ‘worn’ in augmented reality (AR) or used in partnered apps like Roblox and VRChat.” With the enhancement of technology, you can provide a real-time experience to your customers. 

Branding and advertising in the metaverse are economical, the prices are still quite low to run a campaign. You attract the new customer you need to think creatively, out of the box which can only help you to engage with the large customer base. 

Since this technology is new, you can't measure the success of the marketing campaign or strategy. But keeping in mind the future growth of the metaverse would help the companies pace up with the technology and competitors. 

Future of Metaverse-

The functioning of the metaverse highly depends on how easy it is for people to transact in. With the increase in digital transitions cryptocurrencies already have made a good fit.

The ability to convert fiat currencies to cryptocurrencies and get paid for the cryptos is something you can't miss on. Now you can purchase digital avatars, virtual land, and throw parties all with real-time experiences. 

Today we already have Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) representing popular art and digital memorabilia providing a platform for the young generation with a huge number of potential investors. 

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Metaverse has huge potential in the future. You and I will soon experience metaverse in our day-to-day lives. But we are yet to explore the possibilities of the metaverse.

The future has a lot in its bag.

The expansion of the Metaverse has certainly unlocked and potentially led to rapid growth of the global economy.

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