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Periscope 5 B2B Marketing Skills to Master in 2022

The B2B marketing skills help in satisfying the audience, and to serve them what they want and appreciate. Read top 5 marketing skills that one need to master in 2022

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Insights 7 Hacks to attract Gen Z Consumers

Gen Z is equivalent to 78 million people around the globe and their purchasing power is going to rise exponentially. Read about top 7 Hacks to attract Gen Z consumers that can prove worthful for your brand.

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Periscope All you need to know about Metaverse

Metaverse is a next-generation version of the internet where via a digital avatar you can explore through digital platforms rife with entertainment venues, workplaces, retail stores, and dozens of other cyber-locations. Read to know everything about metaverse in detail.

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Periscope A Quick Guide to Intent-based Marketing Strategy

Intent based marketing is a style of marketing where we target customers who have intentions for purchase by understanding their online actions.

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Buzz Best Social Media Campaigns in 2021

Social media has seen an enormous rise during the recent years. Before entering 2022 let's look back at best social campaigns of 2021 that got maximum traction around the globe.

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Best Social media campaign

Best Social Media Campaigns in 2021

uae working professional

Majority of UAE public supports changes to work week

September marketing buzz

10 Marketing Buzz happened in September



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